Google is deleting battery-draining Android apps with 20 million downloads


San Francisco, October 23 (IANS): According to a report, Google Play has removed apps with more than 20 million downloads because they were using excessive mobile data and draining the battery.

According to a report by McAfee, new clicker malware has been identified sneaking into Google Play. In total, 16 applications previously on Google Play were confirmed to contain the malicious payload with an estimated 20 million installs.

“Once the application is open, it downloads its remote configuration by making an HTTP request. After the configuration is downloaded, it registers the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) listener to receive push notifications,” McAfee wrote in a blog post.

“At first glance it seems to be well-made Android software. However, behind it hides ad fraud features equipped with remote configuration and FCM techniques,” it added.

The security researchers informed Google that all identified apps are no longer available on Google Play. Users are also protected by Google Play Protect, which blocks these apps on Android.

The malicious code was found in useful utilities such as Flashlight (Torch), QR readers, cameras, unit converters, and task managers.

The FCM message contains various types of information, including the function to be called and its parameters.


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