Google News is finally starting to flirt with the idea of ​​a Material You Makeover


We’re talking about small steps, but it’s progress nonetheless

Android 12 launched as one of the best looking platform releases in years, thanks in no small part to Material You’s responsive, graceful presence. We’ve spent a lot of time over the months tracking the many apps that are picking up their own Material You integration, and Google’s own software has been of particular interest. Not every app has made this transition very quickly, however, with some, like Google News, lagging behind in a positive way. It’s still not ready for the full overhaul of Material You, but it finally looks like News is in the process of making some of those changes.

With the latest Google News update, 9to5Google was able to enable a single material that will make you blossom: triggering the app’s bottom navigation bar to show a colored accent (for now, it doesn’t seem the right one).


While this is the only sign of Material You available to turn on at the moment, 9to5 has also been scouring app resources and spotted signs that this won’t be the only improvement on the way. Until the full changes go live, News could also get a new look on its “For you” screen – although we can’t say exactly how that might work just yet.

We’re excited that changes like these are finally in the works, but we also won’t hold our breath until they actually land in an accessible form.


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