Google wants to make pinning Chromebook apps a drag and drop affair


Google employees are now working to make drag-and-drop apps onto a Chromebook shelf even easier than before. That’s based on a recently discovered Chromium Gerrit entry that adds an “add shelf drag-to-pin” flag to experimental features.

As the branding here suggests, this works very differently than the current options for adding apps to the Chromebook shelf. Instead of clicking, users could simply drag the open app icon onto the pinned side of the shelf. That would pin the app to the shelf for easier access than opening the launcher.

How is drag-to-pin different from current Chromebook pinning methods?

Since Chrome OS is currently working, pinning apps is a two-click process. Or a three-click process for users who pin an app that is already open. The former of the two methods requires users to open the app launcher. It’s the concentric circle icon that appears by default in the lower left of the user interface. Specifically on the Chrome OS shelf, the bottom bar that runs along the bottom of the screen.

After users find the app to pin, they need to right-click the app icon. Then you need to select the “Pin to Shelf” option.

After completing these steps, the app icon appears on the left side of a barely noticeable separator on the shelf. Connect to other apps that are pinned by default.

For the latter method, the pinning steps are almost the same, but users need to right-click an open app icon on the shelf. This is in contrast to opening the launcher. The app moves from the right side of the separator to the left.

It’s not done yet

At this point in time, the new feature is not available. In fact, despite the search, the experimental flag is still not available on any Android headlines Equipment. At least not on the stable channel. Finally, when the flag is made available for using drag-and-drop actions on a Chromebook to pin apps, it will be added under the chrome: // flags url.

Regardless, this feature removes multiple clicks from this process. So, if it is ever released, it should be incredibly useful to almost any user. Especially in conjunction with other recent changes to the Chrome OS shelf.


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