Halloween Terror monetization angers fans


CBR supports the hard work of developers and industry professionals to create the video games all fans know and love, but it’s important to remember the ongoing critique Activision-Blizzard faces when making decisions about the ones you play games are hit. Here is CBR’s ongoing coverage of the Activision Blizzard allegations here.

surveillance 2 has been met with a lot of criticism for many of the changes made to the hero-based FPS. The new 5v5 format was a major source of such criticism, although players still enjoyed their time with it surveillance 2. However, the return of the first game’s seasonal events was met with anger from fans. While the original over watchThe in-game loot boxes from have been questioned, surveillance 2The changes in how players obtain cosmetics have disappointed many.

The original over watch had locked his cosmetics behind loot boxes. These Loot Crates can be earned by completing in-game challenges, leveling up, or spending real money. Players could also use in-game currency to purchase specific hero skins, sprays, taunts, and victory animations. Loot boxes have never been a popular choice in video games, which are often viewed as a form of gambling. surveillance 2 keeps in-game purchases, but moves away from loot crates to something that many players feel is even worse.

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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2022 skins are overly monetized

The new Halloween Terror 2022 event featured many things that players enjoyed such as gameplay and lots of Easter eggs. However, the new seasonal cosmetic packs have met with little positive feedback. One of the biggest annoyances is that this year’s Halloween skins can only be unlocked by spending in-game currency. While this wouldn’t be terrible on its own, the real world price equivalents for these packages make them so.

The new witch skin to the surveillance 2 newbie KirikoFor example, is only available in a bundle that also includes a weapon charm, a victory screen, a name card, and a player icon. This entire bundle costs 2600 Overwatch Coins, although it appears that this is on sale with a normal price of 3700 coins. To purchase this bundle at the discounted price, players would need to spend around $26.00. Gamers are not happy about this, especially since the bundle is the only way to get this new skin.

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The Junkenstein’s Revenge mode is also back with a new iteration. While fans have certainly enjoyed the co-op mode, another change has soured things. Over the past few years, players have been able to unlock some of the new seasonal skins by playing the co-op challenges. There are challenges in this year’s version of Junkenstein’s Revenge, but they only give players voice messages and sprays. Players looking for these new skins are highly motivated to spend real money and they are not happy about it.

Fan concerns are mostly centered on how much the annual Halloween terror event has monetized with this new iteration. As mentioned, the Witch Kiriko Skin Pack appears to be available for 2600 Overwatch Coins. However, this has been the list price since the event began. Players have speculated that the skin pack is listed as on sale to make people think they’re getting a deal, when in fact Blizzard never intended to sell the pack for the “original” price of 3700 Overwatch Coins .

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It’s about more than just artificial sales prices. If anyone wants to buy the Witch Kiriko skin pack, they need to buy 2600 Overwatch Coins. The problem with this is that while players can buy 2000 Overwatch Coins, they can’t just buy 600. So the truth is, players actually have to pay $30.00 USD to get 3000 Overwatch Coins if they want to buy the Kiriko witch skin. That’s only ten dollars less than the price of the original over watch

As seen in games multiverse, there is certainly a way to make free-to-play games fun and profitable. While the players have found surveillance 2 Joking, they’re not willing to overlook how ridiculous some of these pricing tactics are. For all the possibilities that surveillance 2 tried to make the game fun for everyone, it feels strange that they hide one of the most popular aspects of the game behind such a high price.


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