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If you’re a fan of Switch and indie games (which I suppose, unless you got lost browsing the site), but while Nintendo’s latest Indie World showcase was otherwise indisposed, you have a usually jam-packed event lost. This time around, we’ve had a look at The Messenger developer’s beautiful retro-inspired RPG Sea of ​​Stars, a first look at WayForward’s beat-’em-up sequel River City Girls 2, a raging fox adventure in Endling : Extinction is Forever, a release date for the distinctive, skating OlliOlli World and more. Those who want a comfortable chase to catch up can find everything we see below.

Sea of ​​stars

The first proper look at The Messenger developer Sabotage Studio’s Sea of ​​Stars, which was announced back in March of last year, caused excitement right from the start. It’s a stunning retro-style RPG with modernized elements that tells the story of two solstice children – who are able to combine the powers of the sun and moon into an eclipse magic – while battling against the monstrous creations of evil Alchemists fight The Fleshmancer.

It already looks pretty – and it should sound just as gorgeous since it features music by Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda – but it’s still taking a while as it isn’t slated to hit Switch until winter 2022.

Sea of ​​Stars – Change Trailer.

Aliisha – Forgetting the twin goddesses

Next up is Aliisha – The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses from developer Underscore, a puzzle game with a strong local co-op focus in which two sisters try to navigate an abandoned temple. Although Aliisha’s challenges can be mastered alone, two players can each take on a sister, each using a radically different control scheme – one with motion or JoyCon controls and the other with the touchscreen. This comes in the spring of next year.

Aliisha: Forgetting the Twin Goddesses – Switch Trailer.

Locomotive motif

Fans of classic point-and-click adventures have something new in mind with Loco Motive, a comedic crime thriller on board the Royce Express. Players take control of three different characters – lawyer Arthur Ackerman, would-be detective Herman Merman, and secret agent Diana Osterhagen – who are all pretty inconvenient as are the suspects, which means they have to conduct some not-so-serious investigations into theirs To wash names clean. Expect puzzles, japes, and a fully voiced script when Loco Motive arrives in summer 2022.

Lokmotiv – Switch Trailer.

Afterlove EP

The latest game from Mohammad Fahmi, the designer behind the acclaimed Coffee Talk, Afterlove EP is described as a story of music, loss and poetry. Set in modern Jakarta, it tells the story of a young musician, Rama, who comes to terms with the death of his girlfriend. Developer Piklernesia calls Afterlove EP a “unique mix of dating sim, rhythm game and narrative adventure,” and gamers will be able to experience its delicate charm when it comes out next summer.

Afterlove EP – Switch Trailer.

Dungeon nibbles

Dungeon Munchies is certainly an odd thing, and features a slice of 2D side-scrolling action platform that portrays players as newly deceased adventurers who wake up suspiciously undead in a huge underground facility. There’s fighting, exploration, and a special culinary twist, courtesy of your companion, the Necro Chef Simmer. The essence is that players can hunt down the monsters they encounter, then cook and eat them, gaining new skills in the process. Dungeon Munchies is available today from the Switch eShop.

Dungeon Munchies – Switch Trailer.

Photo 2: Creed Valley

Believe it or not, Figment 2: Creed Valley is the sequel to the well-received Figment from 2017. Like its predecessor, Figment 2 has a distinct musical advantage and breaks out with every eye (and presumably ear) boss fight as players explore a world ravaged by nightmares inside a human mind. There are puzzles, explorations – between two switchable world states, open-minded and closed – plus a local co-op mode for two players. Figment 2: Creed Valley comes out next February and a free demo is available in the eShop starting today.

Image 2: Creed Valley – change trailer.

Let’s play! Oink games

Board game fans may already be familiar with Japanese publisher Oink Games’ acclaimed lineup of cute tabletop creations, and its new Let’s Play features four of its best-known bundles – Deep Sea Adventure, Startups, A Fake Artists Goes to New York, and Moon Adventure – more should be added in the future. Online and local multiplayer modes are supported and available today on Switch as a timed console exclusively for £ 17.99.

Endling: Extinction is forever

Endling: Extinction is Forever, from developer Herobeat Studios, looks like a pouch that portrays the player as the last mother fox in a world devastated by mankind. The goal is to traverse the desolate landscape in search of safety with your three young cubs in tow, with players on their journey having to hunt animals and teach the cubs new skills to make them less prone to predators – with The choices made along the way will affect which boys make it to the end. Expect it to arrive in spring 2022.

Endling: Extinction is Forever – Change Trailer.

OlliOlli world

OlliOlli World – the ambitious addition to the acclaimed skateboard series from developer Roll7 – got a breath of fresh air during Nintendo’s latest Indie World showcase – with a new gameplay trailer that highlights its skateboard-inspired action platform, this time around the downright strange world of Radlandia, a kingdom forged by the skateboarding gods. It still looks wonderful, but the main news is that OlliOlli World now has a release date and will hit Switch on February 8th next year.

OlliOlli World – Switch Gameplay Trailer.

River City Girls 2

Developer WayForwards retro-style beat-’em-up sequel River City Girls 2, announced back in June, also reappeared during Nintendo’s showcase, featuring a debut trailer that focuses on the four additional playable characters, who join Kyoko and Misako for this newest adventure. New moves, enemies, areas, items, and branching paths are promised, and there are also co-op games – both local and online – for two players. River City Girls 2 is slated for release next summer.

River City Girls 2 – Switch Trailer.

And with all of that stuff, Nintendo took a moment to slip into the now traditional montage and showcase a slew of other titles that will hit Switch next year. There’s the wonderful prehistoric park management simulation from Washbear Studio Parkasaurus and cooperative survival in Don’t starve together, both come in spring, plus delightful adventures Chicory: a colorful story, available today on Switch.

Baby storm Coming January 21st, surreal action-adventure RPG dirt is due next summer, and Gerda: A flame in winter – a story-driven adventure set in World War II – will be released sometime in 2022. Eye-catching stealth-puzzle adventure Temporally is out now (and there’s a demo too), and Behind the frame: the most beautiful landscape – a “living, interactive fiction about an aspiring artist on the threshold of completing the last work of her gallery submission” – will be published in spring.


Finally, there is the acclaimed Omori, a strange, nerve-wracking turn-based RPG that Eurogamer previously described as “part childhood fantasy and part waking nightmare.” It’s a game that touches on a few difficult topics – depression, anxiety, and suicide – but one that received a lot of praise when it was first released last year. Switch comes in spring 2022.

Omori – Change Trailer.



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