How do you increase the vapor level? (guide for beginners)


We’re not doing it justice to real life, but we can see progress. We get better at our jobs, improve our hobbies, and make our relationships wholesome. Or, even simpler, we learn how to increase steam level.

Getting real XP points that we can exchange for badges feels good. Each Steam account has a level and reward bonuses for higher levels.

These bonuses include spots on your friends list or better card pack drop rates. It’s perhaps the least known part of Steam, including gems, trading cards, etc.

In order to level the account, you need to engage with various Steam features. You won’t do it by playing, so you may need to read some tips to level up your account.

What is my Steam level?

Steam is the largest gaming platform in the world. It’s the place to buy and launch games and team up with others using the same system. Every Steam account has a Levels section. The leveling system connects the platform with the achievements you earn as you play.

Once you reach level 10 you can customize a presentation for your profile page. Then you get additional showcases every ten levels.

So, in summary, the Steam level gives more options Customize your Steam account. It also increases the Number of friends you can have in your friends list.

Before we go any further, though, let’s cover some basics:

How do I check my Steam level?

You can check your Steam level as follows:

  1. Open the Steam Launcher and make sure you’re using your account.
  2. Click yours profile top right.
  3. Choose Check out my profile.
  4. Your Steam level is displayed to the right of your profile picture. Steam profile view

How do I find my Steam cards?

Let’s continue to digest the information. First, here’s how to check and trade your cards:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click yours profile top right.
  3. click show profile. vapor profile
  4. Click on inventory on the right panel. You go directly to the maps. Steam Inventory

Where can you find your Steam badges?

Badges are in a similar location. You’ll find that you’ve (probably) earned some badges for Participation in Steam Community Features. This includes posting comments or leaving reviews.

You can also earn badges as rewards for being a long-time Steam customer, purchasing games on sale, and taking other actions within the platform.

Anyway, here’s how to find your badges:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on your profile top right.
  3. click show profile.
  4. Click on badge on the right panel. This takes you straight to the badges. steam badge

How to trade Steam Cards?

Finally, you need to know how to sell Steam cards:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click yours Profile.
  3. Choose Check out my profile.
  4. Click on Inventory.
  5. Click on the card you want to sell.
  6. press the To sell Button. sell card
  7. Enter a price by looking at the price table. Most cards cost $0.05. Then confirm the operation. sell tickets on steam

These steps will put a map up for sale. Whenever someone buys it, Steam notifies you through your inbox. Then you will see the balance in your wallet.

How to increase the steam level?

As in any RPG, you get XP by completing certain tasks. Then, after enough XP, you level up. However, you will not receive any skill points.

You earn XP through various tasks on Steam and not from the games themselves. These tasks revolve around the Steam card system and include:

  • craft badges.
  • Collect full decks of cards.
  • trading cards.

You reach your first level after getting 100 XP. Then you need 100 times that up to level 10. From level 10 to level 20 you need 200 XP per level. And when you reach level 20, you need 300 XP for each level up to level 30. So on and so on.

The primary way to earn levels is by crafting badgesso we will explain how Steam badge work extensively.

Making badges on Steam

You can create badges by collecting trading cards. You collect trading cards by completing achievements in games you play through Steam.

You can also trade these cards, i.e. buy or sell them. You can also buy or sell badges.

To craft a badge, you first need a game that rewards badges. Most do, but you can use those Steam trading card filter if you are looking for your badge supporting game.

These games reward cards as you play. Then you need various specific cards to create a badge. You may have to Buy tickets in the marketplace to craft your badge or Trade them with your friends.

Son, to summarize, badges are small icons that you can view on your Steam profile. To craft badges, you need a set of Steam trading cards.

Then you get cards by trading, buying, or completing in-game achievements.

Here is the guide to craft a badge:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on that profile tab on the left.
  3. Click on badge.Badge Menu Steam
  4. You will see badges ready to craft with a “Ready” button. You will also see badges that are about to be completed. When you click the “Done” button, you will craft the available badges. finished card

The menu also shows the available badges for any games you own. Also, it shows you the cards you need to complete each badge.

Get the cards you need for a badge

Here are the steps:

However, if you don’t have a payment method on Steam or Balance on the Steam Walletyou may need to add funds before purchasing the cards.

Anyway, after you’ve bought the tickets, you can go back to the badge screen and create the one you just finished.

Additional tips

Check Steam Tools

Via the Steam tools page (category trading cards)you can check which tickets you can buy and at what prices. It’s an easy way to find the cheapest cards to buy to boost your Steam account.

You too You don’t need to own a game to craft his badges. So you can use the tools page to successfully create badges for games you are not currently playing.

Participate in the community

Steam rewards you with cards and sometimes badges for participating in its community.

This includes commenting on game posts, leaving reviews, participating in discussions, uploading content (game material, art or screenshots) or sharing mods.

Use gems to get new cards

Gems are another currency system that you can use to convert one card into another. Essentially, you turn cards into around 12 gems, and then use hundreds of gems to get new cards for the games in your library.

This is how it works:

  1. Go back to your map page.
  2. Click on the card you no longer want.
  3. Click on Turn into gems.turn into gems
  4. Once you have enough gems, click on the gem icon.
  5. Create a booster pack on the same page. Create booster pack
  6. Select and confirm one of the trading card sets from the list.

The value of the cards you get for your gems will improve as you level up your account. However, Crafting booster packs will not award XP to your account. It only helps you to complete decks of cards and create new badges.

Use your badges

And now that we’re here, you should learn how to use the badges you’ve earned. You’ll appear on your profile as a trophy for others to see if they follow you through Steam.

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click yours profile top left.
  3. Click on Check out my profile.
  4. Choose Edit profile. edit profile
  5. Choose Highlighted Badge on the left.
  6. Select one of the badges and click Save on computer. marked badge

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