How to change the difficulty level in Halo Infinite?



Halo’s classic Difficulty levels from Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary are back Infinite, but the game’s new structure means that changing the difficulty level is a buried option compared to previous games.

Halo Infinite brings many changes to Master Chief’s adventures, the biggest of which is the interesting and surprisingly effective shift to a semi-open world format in the form of Zeta Halo, a world that takes everywhere and something of a wrapper for the rest of the campaign experience which includes both open battles and more linear affairs.

This change has a huge impact on the structure of the games. For example, you now don’t just boot into missions from the main menu, which means you can’t just change the difficulty level before launching a particular menu. In fact, the difficulty option is pretty buried – you choose a difficulty when you first start the campaign, and the most obvious menu options always use that difficulty from then on.

The same goes for Skulls, the unlockable modifiers that, as usual, can really change the Halo experience. Skulls need to be collected in your campaign, but they can’t be turned on and off in a snap – the only way to activate them is from the main menu, and it’s not necessarily clear how.

On this page we will quickly explain how to change the difficulty level in Halo Infinite when you are in the middle of a campaign, as well as how to turn on Skulls.

How to change the difficulty level in Halo Infinite?

First of all, you have the option to choose a difficulty level and turn on Skulls every time you start a new campaign. This is the first menu option when you select New Game. But if you want to adjust the difficulty or toggle skulls to make things easier, harder, or crazier, you have to quit your game and return to the menu.

To change the difficulty level or toggle skulls on / off:

  • Navigate to the main menu
  • Do not choose “Next”. This will immediately load your last save with the same settings as you had before.
  • Instead, select “Load Game”. This gives you a menu with four save slots for saved games – you can have up to four campaign save files at the same time.
  • Select your save file. This will bring up a screen that, like in the New Game menu, gives you the ability to change the difficulty level or toggle skulls on or off.
  • Ah…
  • That’s it.



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