How to enable dark mode on Google search pages, beyond the apps


Dark mode was one of the most requested features on any device prior to Android 11 and now it’s even possible to even change the Google search page to match. And that’s exactly what this guide shows.

For the sake of clarity, we’re talking about Google search on the web here. So specifically in a browser. The Google app found on most Android devices follows the system-level theme by default. And that’s a whole different process for those who mainly use this app. Or any app. As with many tasks on Android, this also means that there are different guides for making these types of changes.

Here’s how to enable Dark Mode in Google Search from the desktop

It’s worth noting here that, unlike some other changes to enabling dark mode, the one that doesn’t seem to rely on the Chrome browser for Google Search. This is not a change to the app or software itself.

This is because this is a change to the website itself, which makes it a server-side change. Regardless of where you select “Google,” this guide should help you make the thematic switch. However, some browsers require you to look for the “gear-shaped icon” in the upper right corner of the user interface. This is in contrast to using the Settings button in the bottom bar – as shown in our sample images.

  1. On a desktop computer, start the Google Chrome browser. At this point it should be pointed out again that this change should also be available in other browsers. But Chrome is what we’re going to use for our example
  2. Navigate to the “” page
  3. Select the “Settings” option at the bottom right of the page
  4. Select the first option labeled “Search Settings”
  5. On the resulting Search Settings page, click, tap, or select the Appearance option from the left sidebar menu
  6. Under Appearance, the option “Turn dark design on or off” is displayed via radial buttons for the options “Device default”, “Dark design” or “Light design”. Select the “Dark Theme” option
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and select the blue “Save” button to apply the changes
  8. should now appear on your desktop with a dark Search theme

… and for mobile devices or tablets, although results can vary significantly

Now, not every user can instantiate dark mode for on mobile in Google Chrome or any other way. Although using the settings to request a desktop page does always Show the option in the same settings as on the desktop, it won’t always show up on the mobile side. This suggests that Google is still testing this feature to some extent. Or, conversely, that this roll-out will take place a little more slowly.

However, once the change is available, it’s pretty easy to find too. Assuming you know where to look in the mobile app.

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your smartphone. Other browsers should support this change as well, but we’ll use Chrome for our example.
  2. Navigate to the “” page
  3. Tap the three-dash icon in the upper left corner of the home page
  4. Select “Settings” from the resulting overflow menu
  5. At the top of the page, under the “Appearance” section and the “Turn Dark Theme On or Off” subheading, you should see three options with associated radial buttons. Namely, these are the options “Device standard”, “Dark design” and “Light design”. For those who already have the system-level setting to “Dark”, this should apply automatically as this is the default selection. Otherwise, tap the radial button next to the Dark Theme option to select it. As shown in the images below, this feature has not yet been seen on any of our test or personal devices. So we can’t show exactly what this will look like, even though it mimics the existing menu. However, it will appear in the same place as the steps above for desktop Chrome when using mobile desktop mode. In terms of mobile, it seems to be rolling out slowly on the server side for now. So it may take a while for it to appear
  6. When it’s available to you and you’ve chosen your theme, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Save” button. The change should be immediately noticeable when you return to the homepage


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