How to Fix Facebook App Crash Problem on Android Device



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Check out how to fix Facebook App Crash issue on Android device

Almost everyone used to use Facebook apps in the past, but now most of the people use Instagram or WhatsApp. However, many people like and still use the Facebook app. This is often due to new system updates on our Android phones, as an update to the new version of the operating system often causes a lot of problems that the mobile operator will fix in the next update. And we’re not saying this happens every time you update the system, but some system updates cause this type of problem. And one of those problems is that the Facebook app on Android crashes unexpectedly and it is difficult to find out the exact cause of the problems. Facebook is similar to other applications that often experience errors and crashes.

How to prevent the Facebook application from crashing?

A person can try these methods to prevent the Facebook application from crashing and the Facebook application from freezing if the social media company does not have an outage problem. These methods can help solve the problem in a matter of minutes. Below are the methods

Make some space

If your smartphone has memory problems, it is advisable to free up some space as it can cause the Facebook application to freeze or other applications to not work properly. Cleaning the memory not only improves the performance of the mobile device, it also helps keep it working well without any lag or hang-ups. Also, clear the Facebook application cache to use the social media application effectively.

To update

Please update the application to work with the latest version. Facebook continues to delete all past glitches in the app in order to provide its users with new functions. An updated application will also help you to enjoy the new functions of the software.

Remove and reinstall

If you’ve tried freeing up space and updating the app to the latest version and the Facebook app keeps crashing, try uninstalling or removing it from your phone. There can be many reasons why the app is freezing. Deleting and starting a new Facebook download will download a new, more powerful app.

Restart your device

If the problem persists even after using these methods, try turning off your phone and restarting it. Sometimes apps crash when the phone gets hot or is overwhelmed with a lot of running apps. A reboot will restart your phone and work fine.

Final Words: How to Fix Facebook App Crash Issue on an Android Device

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