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Check how to run Android apps in Windows 11

Microsoft dreamed of running Android apps on your PC when Windows 11 was released. We’ll show you how to install and run your first Android app on your computer. For quite some time, Microsoft has been working hard to bring the Android app experience to Windows. When it released Windows 11, its internal work was a prominent aspect of Project Latte.

You can run Android apps alongside other Windows apps using the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11. The Amazon App Store is the official way to install Android apps on Windows 11, but you can also use the Android tool Debugging Bridge-ADB to download Android apps. If you’re a Windows Insider in the beta channel, you can now use the Windows Subsystem for Android to install and run some of the apps available on the Amazon App Store. Here’s what you need to know about installing and running Android apps on Windows 11.

Install and update Windows 11 Beta

Of course, before you can get started, your PC must be able to run Windows 11. If you’re unsure if your device is eligible, Microsoft has a tool that will check for you. Android apps are also only compatible with computers that contain an Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm processor. Once these requirements are met, you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

To get the beta version with the Android app preview, you need to sign up for the Windows Insider program and make sure you subscribe to the Dev Channel or Beta Channel to get the latest features. After setup, make sure Windows is up to date by going to Settings > Windows Update. US users must ensure that Windows 11 Build is installed. The serial update is installed. Only then is the Amazon App Store available for download and installation.

Install Windows Subsystem for Android

Once your operating system is up to date, open the Microsoft Store and search for “Amazon Appstore”. Select the entry and click Install and then click Configure. You will then be prompted to download Windows Subsystem for Android. Click Download and then wait for the feature to install. When finished, click Next and then Restart to restart your computer. When the PC restarts, the Amazon App Store should be installed.

Set up the Amazon App Store

You can find the Amazon App Store in the list of Windows 11 apps. Click the Start button > All Apps > Amazon Appstore. You will then need to sign in with your Amazon account before you can access the store. Once you’ve signed in, the Amazon Appstore is available to browse and install Android apps.

Since the app is still in preview, only a handful of apps are currently available for download. However, you can search the search bar or use one of the categories presented in the store to find something to install.

Install an Android app on Windows 11

As an example, let’s install the Amazon Kindle app for Android. If it appears in the search, click the Get button to install it on your computer. The app downloads and behaves like any other Windows desktop app. You can find it in the list of applications. It can be minimized or full screen, and the exact size of the application window can be adjusted to suit your needs. Snap layouts even let you multitask.

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