How to Surf the Internet on Oculus Quest 2


The Oculus Quest 2 revolutionized VR last year by giving the average consumer access to virtual reality content at a relatively low entry-level price. The content on the Oculus Quest is huge, including VR video games, VR videos, and even internet VR experiences.

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While experiencing all that the Oculus Quest 2 has to offer, you may be interested in exploring the internet either for regular reasons or for exciting new virtual reality experiences. Fortunately, Oculus has developed its own browser that allows you to view VR videos, browse social media, and explore websites with ease. How to search the web on the Oculus Quest 2.

Take a comfortable seat and make sure there are no objects around you


While performing an internet search is a simple task, in virtual reality it can result in your head or hands bumping into something if there are objects in your play area. You may need to adjust your head to see a webpage better, or move your hand while typing with the controller. So make sure that when you dip into the Oculus Quest 2 headset, you don’t bump into anything that you might bump into.

Find the Oculus browser app


Unlike other game consoles, Oculus has developed a unique browser called the Oculus Browser, which is preinstalled on every Oculus Quest 2 headset. To access this app, make sure your headset is connected to a WiFi source and look for the app in the search bar.

Type “Oculus Browser” into the search bar and you will quickly find the app. Select the app with your controller and it will immediately launch you to the Oculus browser homepage as long as you have a stable internet connection. Another way to access the Oculus browser is through the app list page. However, you will have to scroll through the rest of your apps and games to access them.

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How to search the web in the Oculus browser


There are many websites to search for while using the internet, including guides to help you solve puzzles or try combat in your virtual reality video games. As soon as you open the Oculus browser app, you’ll see a couple of main websites that you can quickly browse from the menu. These include social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram.

If none of these websites is what you’re looking for then Enter in the search bar above these quick links to find a website on the internet. You can also bookmark websites so that you can quickly return to them the next time you search the internet, by selecting the bookmark icon while browsing a webpage. Bookmarks appear on the home page of the Oculus browser.

How to Enter Virtual Reality Mode for Videos


As virtual reality becomes more popular, many people create websites with videos that you can watch in 180 or 360 VR. However, it is not immediately obvious how to switch to VR mode when you are on web pages with a VR video.

With the Oculus Browser, you can bring up VR by selecting the headset icon in the bottom sidebar of the video screen, much like the play / pause and volume adjustment icons in a YouTube video.. After selecting this icon, you will be transported into virtual reality, and Oculus even has some Internet videos that you can experience in VR using this method, which can be found on the home page of the Oculus browser.

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