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Have you ever seen them? Memes about avid readers who collect books they will never read? Well, video game nerds are exactly the same. For example, my PS4 249 games thereon. Guess which one I play the most? You’re right! IT IS PIC-A-PIX PIECES 2! That’s because I’m a depressed adult who gets tired just thinking about using my reflexes to pull a V-counter.

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Jokes aside, there are many video games on my PS4 that I keep coming back to. They range from frustratingly difficult to airy affairs. Still, there are more than a few that I’ve downloaded, played once, and never bothered to play again. And there are some I’ve never touched, not even. So here are a few of those poor, sadly neglected games.

6 Deep Rock Galactic

The Deep Rock Galactic Start icon between the VR Games and Board Games folders on Chris' sad PS4 homepage.

Wooooooooo! I’m really dying to be shunned by the gaming community, aren’t I?

From what I’ve seen and read I’m sure it was recently launched Deep Rock Galactic is the newest FPS flavor du jour. And I appreciate that. I really do It takes skill to play and win an FPS, especially online, and I’ve tried to get into the genre several times. But unfortunately, I’m a panicked idiot with unsteady thumbstick hands that aim like shit. Give me any fighting game input any day, but ask me to position a crosshair accurately and I’m as good as dead.

However, when I saw that this game became free for PS Plus, I downloaded it anyway. Listen, I just want to get my money’s worth. And the red-haired gnome on the game symbol looks funny, doesn’t it?


5 Existing archive

The Exist Archive icon in the RPG folder of Chris' sad PS4 homepage.

Let me precede this story by getting this straight I have absolutely no idea what Exist Archive is about. Still, my eyes always go past it when I’m browsing for used games. Also, the logo is pretty. So this game lives somewhere deep in my subconscious.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I’m a depressed adult. And some depressed adults, like myself, take drugs that give them really vivid dreams. So one night I had this weird dream that I was looking everywhere for this game and I couldn’t find it. (Usually this dream manifests as chasing an original copy of Bust A Groove or a MVC sequel that makes up for Infinite’s disastrous flaws. But I digress.)

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Of course I woke up the next day and downloaded the game via PS Now. So did I play it? nope I still don’t know what it is? You can bet on it!

4 Shadow of the Colossus

The Shadow Of The Colossus launcher icon in the Chris's Sad PS4 home RPG folder.

Whoa! I didn’t even include this game in my article notes because I had no idea it was there! 😆😆😆😅😅😅 Wow. i am the worst

So, Shadow of the Colossus. I know it’s an RPG. And I’m almost positive that I downloaded it because it became a free PS Plus game and I wanted mine New Seagate SSD to use.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to get an expanded storage device for your PS4. Seriously, it’s the best. After receiving this solid state drive I have never had to delete a game in my PS4 life ever again. Sometimes I forget those dark days even existed. But I guess these memories are just a shadow now a shadow… of the colossus.

3 The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead Saints And Sinners icon is in the VR Games folder on Chris' sad PS4 homepage.

Here’s a fun fact about me. I can’t handle horror games. But horror movies are okay with me. At least I can hide behind the pillow on my couch if I’m expecting a gnarly jump scare. But this is the main difference between horror movies and horror games. You are watching a horror movie but interacting with a horror game. Now I can’t handle that shit, and I’ve even worked at a haunted house attraction.

The only time I’ve tried to play a horror game lately is when I gave my mom a PS4 Pro and a copy of it Resident Evil 7 For Mother’s Day. We were barely chased by Mia Winters, and my mom and I started passing the controller like a hot potato. Never again, I say! NEVER. ANEW.

So why? WHY should I bother downloading a VR horror game where you might be chased by starving zombies trying to eat your flesh??? Oh right, it was a PS Plus giveaway.

2 blood and truth

Blood And Truth launcher icon in the VR Games folder on Chris' sad PS4 home screen.

Back on the heels in late 2020 I bought one PSVR Pack to get more exercise. In a way, this goal has been achieved. beat saber, for example, has become one of my favorite games and definitely gets my blood pumping. Even more casual titles, like Everyone’s Golf VR, help me feel a little lighter on the days when I can’t go outside. Even the tech nerd in me was excited to experience this cutting-edge technology.

During my initial PS VR swagger, I bought the critical achievement, blood and truth. Finally, I loved the idea of ​​diving into one High stakes journey through London’s criminal underworld. But unfortunately I still haven’t played it.

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I wish I had a straight answer as to why I never started the Blood And Truth campaign. However, my honest answer is life happens. I started a job as a ghostwriter for SEO, took acting classes here and there, etc. Now, it’s a year and a half later, and My new turntable and speakers take up my VR play space, so I couldn’t even play Blood And Truth if I wanted to. (Chris, how did you get a record player? Not relevant! Keep reading!) Hopefully I’ll get to it one day.

1 Persona 5 Striker

The Persona 5 Strikers launch icon in the Actions folder of Chris' sad PS4 home.

Of all the games I was looking forward to last year, Persona 5 Striker was at the top of the list! I love Musou games and just started to delve into the world of Shin Megami Tensei’s Persona series. So this game looked like a match made in heaven. I even pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition. Yes I was so excited!

Now I have a sad confession to make. No, not sad, which means “exciting.” I mean sad as in pathetic. Seriously, you’ll never look at me like that again after reading this paragraph. It’s like, “Don’t tell my fellow TheGamers, they’re going to beat me up on Staff Game Night” level bad.

So here it goes…I’ve never played a mainline Persona game from start to finish. What’s worse, my first Persona game was Persona 4: Dance All Night. Yes. i am a scammer I’m a spin-off playing cheating! (Seriously, Persona’s rhythm games are underrated in my opinion. Can you blame me?)

I was hoping to correct my Persona ignorance before the release of P5S. Luckily I was on the right track. I already watched the P4 anime series and I bought a copy of the original Persona 5.

My mistake was promising myself that I would finish Persona 5 before starting P5S. It’s been two years and I’m still not done playing through Kamoshida’s Castle. And don’t get me wrong, Persona 5 is a fun game. It’s just that the grinding is no joke!

So there you have it. My Shadow is a gaming journalist with impostor syndrome who has never finished a mainline Persona game… Guess it’s time to take the L and watch P5: The Animation.

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