Imprint Projects went all in to support Amazon Studios’ voter registration


Imprint Projects was created at. awarded as “Brand Activation as Part of an Integrated Marketing Campaign of the Year” The Drum Awards for Experience with his campaign for Amazon Studios. With a documentary about the right to vote, he woke disenfranchised communities with a voter registration campaign ahead of the 2020 American elections. Take a look behind the scenes of this winning entry here.

“All In: The Fight For Democracy” is a documentary directed by Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortes that traces the long, insidious history of voter suppression in the United States. At the center of the film is the story of Stacey Abrams’ 2018 Georgia governor race and how the electoral law was rigged.


The film, which is distributed by Amazon Studios and streaming on Prime Video, was due to launch in September 2020 – a moment of complete crisis and chaos. The challenge from Amazon Studio to us was twofold:

  1. Create widespread awareness and increase audience numbers for “All In”

  2. Fulfill the filmmaker’s mission to educate and empower disenfranchised voters

But with the US paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, grappling with painful racial balances, and just weeks before the crucial national elections – how could we break through?


Standard strategies for film advertising would not be enough. This was not a time to sit back in Hollywood and speak to people from afar. This was an opportunity to listen authentically, connect and share.

Our two-part strategy was inspired by Stacey Abrams and the grassroots movement she led:

  1. Reinforce strong voices and credible institutions to raise awareness on a large scale

  2. Go straight to the most vulnerable communities and connect on a personal level

We recognized the need to mobilize and visit the locations of the documentary to bring history to life and protect the right to vote to inspire today’s voter turnout. With less than six weeks to spare, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.


Artist collaboration

We launched the All In For Voting campaign by working with Andrea Pippins, an influential artist whom we commissioned to create illustrations that combine all the creative elements: from movie posters to building-sized murals to one Fleet of five buses.

Personal events

In just a few weeks, we coordinated a series of 21 outdoor pop-up movie screenings and 55 voter registration events held in non-voting communities in the United States.

We premiered the movie on September 8th in Statesboro, Georgia, and over the next two weeks our five buses mobilized communities in 18 states from Florida to Wisconsin to Arizona – places that are often overlooked by brand marketers.

Each event adhered to Covid-19 safety measures and featured uplifting illustrations and freebies such as hats, stickers, posters, postcards and masks to inspire people to remember what they saw and to cast their votes.

On the way, our fleet stopped to honor and interact with the crowds at historical civil rights landmarks. From Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama (site of the famous civil rights march where protesters were attacked by police while trying to march into the state capital, Montgomery) to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, to the sacred grounds of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument in Washington DC – these destinations forged strong links between film and real life, past and present – and increased the visibility of All In and its important message.

Partnerships and social affairs

We supported local activists during the tour and worked with 55 nonprofits, including the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center, to create visibility and encourage participation in local events. Part of each alliance was a social media campaign that spread awareness of the documentary and its resources through holistic online social content captured on the go.

We enlisted the help of 13 influential artists / activists to help get the word out and create sticker packs for Instagram so attendees can get the word out.


We have set up an online impact hub –, to provide ongoing resources such as voter registration information, activation reporting, and screening details for the film. In addition, all on-site activities were strengthened through strategic digital and social promotions and UGC.

Outside of the house

In key markets that we did not travel to, Out-of-Home (wild posters and murals) paid special attention to neighborhoods with historically low voter turnout to inspire attunement and civic engagement.


The campaign was a huge success – both in terms of the deep support felt in the activations in vulnerable communities and in terms of the enormous scope that was achieved online. The campaign delivered 300 million impressions and generated $ 1.3 million in additional earned media value. 125,000 people get involved in our online voting center – register to vote, request ballot papers and volunteer.

The one-to-one connections that were made with the personal event participants underline the real impact of the campaign. The mood of the participants below reflects gravity:

“This is a great event for our community. We definitely welcome you all here and we love your efforts to get people to vote. Events like this really make a difference. “ – Orlando Florida

“I love what you do, that’s what we fought for” – Veteran of the American Legion Hall, Phoenix, Arizona

“It’s so important to get the message across to these young people. That’s why I marched here. ” – Selma, Alabama

“I’m glad I came here to put up for the vote. I said I would, but I never did. This is definitely a year when everyone can vote and be heard. ” – Jacksonville, Florida

Experience-based activation in particular has empowered and humanized the Amazon Studios brand by emerging to support communities in need. Forbes celebrated the promotional effort, noting that “Amazon Studios’ uncompromising advocacy for broad participation and voting in the context of the 2020 election is much more than a public relations move. It is a policy statement that could have important ramifications in this election and beyond. “

The impact of this film, our campaign and our partners still reverberate today as thousands of people join the ongoing struggle to ensure that all citizens have the right to vote.

This campaign was a winner at the Drum Awards for Experience. To find out more about which competitions are currently open to participation, Visit the Drum Awards website.


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