In Halo Infinite, Craig the Meme Brute is on tour



Who is the most famous Halo character? Well, we all know that Halo is really the story of the Master Chief and Cortana. The arbiter is pretty important too – and he’s especially cool. But for a few months on the internet, the most famous Halo character was, of course, Craig – the brute whose face was a lightning rod that arguably delayed the game for a year.

It would be easy to see why Craig’s face could be particularly painful to the developers at 343 Industries – and you wouldn’t be surprised if it were removed from the game entirely. But no! The Halo Infinite development team clearly has a sense of humor in the whole thing – and that’s what really made Craig famous.

On top of a particularly tall building in the open world of Zeta Halo is what looks like a vinyl record – a Greatest Hits album adorned with the image of its star – Craig, the much-remembered Brute.

There’s also a poster nearby for Craig’s tour of the Zeta Halo, where he’ll appear to be performing in front of the masses of exiles currently occupying the ring. The tour lists dates and different locations in the game that he will play. There’s also a skull up here that unlocks a cool unique feature, so this is clearly a place the developers wanted players to visit.

So Craig could be gone, and the in-game Brutes may have received a bit of a graphical upgrade after being so remembered – but he certainly won’t be forgotten. And it’s one of the best, most confident Easter eggs we’ve seen in a while. Bravo, 343.



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