In Westworld Season 4 Episode 7, unfortunately, it all boils down to that


Back in the former park wasteland, Frankie/C apologizes to her friend for locking her up during last week’s confrontation with one of her friends’ surrogate host. They reconcile and it is revealed that Maeve and Bernard will try to kill Hale together while the remaining team (including Frankie, her friend and Luke Hemsworth’s character Stubbs) go on a mission to rescue Caleb. Stubbs and Bernard share a nice goodbye, with Bernard thanking Stubbs for being a good friend and Stubbs responding with a very characteristic “f*** you, Bernard.” He knows Bernard knows something he doesn’t share and assumes that means he’s going to die. Bernard tells him to “go left at the fork” and they hug, then Stubbs tells Bernard that he’d better win and take down that tower. Her bromance was one of the few funny things left on the series, and it’s honestly a real bummer to see how it ends.

Meanwhile, Hale records an encrypted message for the Tower to send to any host worldwide. She tells them that this is the last day for their kind to visit the human cities and that they will instead “evolve into the species we were meant to become”. That will surely irk some of the hosts who have grown accustomed to their playground, especially William. He wakes up the real William, who is still in stasis, and asks his advice, and it’s going as well as you would expect. He complains to his human self that Hale is trying to take the world from him, and human William finds this hilarious.

“Cultures don’t survive. Cockroaches do. You can’t fix a few millennia of broken DNA with a damn hard drive,” he chides the host version. “We are not here to transcend, we are here to destroy.”

Ed Harris is an idiot to Ed Harris, this is really great TV and unfortunately it ends all too quickly with presenter William killing the human version by stabbing him in the heart and calling him a cockroach. There’s a sort of poetic justice to William being killed by a host version of himself, but it’s not quite as satisfying as if it were Dolores or even one of the Dolores offshoots like Hale or Christina.


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