Indie MMO Spotlight: Roadmaps, Launch Dates, and Announcements for 2022


January can be a slow month for the gaming industry. That doesn’t seem to be the case with indie MMO development, however. We’re only a week into the new year and we’ve already had our first indie MMO release with a second coming before the end of the month. With so much activity, there’s a lot to report about, so let’s get started with this week’s indie MMO spotlight.

Travel book

Travel book had a tough ending for 2021, but developer Might & Delight is still confident that the TMO “remains on the way to becoming the role-playing experience of our dreams”. To this end, Might & Delight announced that two more levels – a mountain forest in the west and the underground lower abdomen – will be rolled out in the near future. Players can also expect more character customization options as they finalize the new customization tools.

Broken ranks

Whitemoon Games is one of the quieter indie developers, so when they have an announcement it’s usually something big. That was the case this week when they announced it Broken ranks will be released on January 25, 2022.

Chimera land

The animal collecting MMO Chimera land officially launched on iOS, Android and PC in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines this week. Although no official dates have been announced yet, Chimera land is expected to arrive in other parts of the world later this year.

The cycle: limit

Episode 3 of the Life on Fortuna III series was released this week. You can watch the show on Twitch.

Dragon and home

While browsing the MMORPG subreddit, I came across something new for the Indie Spotlight. Dragon and home was released in August 2021 and is a free to play sandbox MMORPG with a Minecraft search. You can find out what developer HIG has in store for 2022 in this announcement to the D&H Steam page in this week.

Ember sword

In this week Ember sword Podcast Introducing team member Christoffer Erlang, Operations Manager at Bright Star Studios. You can listen and see what Chris is ticking on Ember sword Youtube channel or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Broken online

Are you ready for something? Broken online Lore? ONE new post on the FO website explains the story of how Elysium was split into three worlds and what players can expect from each of them. The post also discusses the idea of ​​traveling in Broken online and how it affects the survival aspects of the MMO.

There was also a post from the beginning of the week that Preview of the three races You can choose and how Dynamight Studios would like to make the choice of a race meaningful.

Gloria Victis

the Gloria Victis Team is back on track with Weekly update # 301. Although there aren’t any major additions or improvements this week, the update is still full of QoL improvements and bug fixes.

There was a new patch for in this week. Along with some changes to the Gloomfury balance, the minimap has been updated. Minimaps now have an improved quality and resolution and can also be zoomed in and out with the mouse wheel.

Fog Legacy

Interested in what to expect Fog Legacy in 2022? If so, you can go to Fog Legacy Steam page to check out the Timetable 2022.

Mad God’s kingdom

As of Tuesday January 11th, you won’t need runes to enter the sanctuary. The free entries only last one week, the event ends on the 18th. This is not the only event in RotMG this month, so be sure to check out the blog posts the Discord events and weekly in-game events.

Wagadu Chronicles

Over on that Wagadu Chronicles Twitter, Twin Drums teased massive announcement come next week. To get you hold of you until then, the tweet also featured artwork for some new animals.

World seeds

Before the World seeds 2.0 Release, World seeds 1.0 was renamed World seed classics on Steam. In other news that World seeds Kickstarter is not going well. With 13 days remaining, 31 backers have pledged $ 1,515, well below the target of $ 8,839.

Loose ends

Rule of the guilds – This News from RoG last week gives an overview of all the updates the team made in 2021.


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