Instagram rushes to roll back new changes amid backlash


what you need to know

  • Instagram is rushing to roll back recent changes to its app amid backlash.
  • Well-known celebrities and users alike express their disapproval of the full-screen home feed and the increase in recommended posts.
  • Instagram boss Adam Mosseri says the removal will be temporary as the company looks to improve the way it will integrate them going forward.

Instagram is trying to roll back some changes after the platform was criticized after user disagreements.

The backlash came after Instagram began testing a new full-screen home feed view. The platform also increased the number of featured posts in the app, as well as the focus on videos. However, all of these changes felt forced and users clearly weren’t enjoying them. According to Platformer, Instagram will roll back these changes over the next few weeks while making improvements to its algorithm.

In an interview with Platformer, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said: “I’m glad we took a risk – if we don’t fail every once in a while, we’re not thinking big enough or bold enough. But we definitely need to take a big step back and regroup. When we have learned a lot, we come back with some kind of new idea or iteration. So we’ll work through that.

The new changes were very TikTok-esque, as the video platform is one of Instagram’s biggest competitors when it comes to attracting and retaining new and existing users. With that, Instagram’s changes have resulted in more videos being viewed than photos. The latest spate of criticism emerged after high-profile celebrities Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian opened up about the platform’s latest changes. Her disapproval, as Platformer mentions, spilled over to Twitter, where people’s disagreement with Instagram grew.

Alex Mosseri continued to speak out on the subject of featured posts, saying: “You should be pleased to see it. And I don’t think that’s happening enough these days. So I think we need to step back in percentage terms from feeds that are recommendations to get better ranked and recommended, and then – if and when we do that – we can grow again.”

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday that these types of featured posts make up about 15% of content on Facebook, and even more on Instagram (via The Verge). He then said those numbers could rise to 30% by 2023. However, this is something that Instagram users aren’t really coming to terms with, and is why Adam Mosseri is trying to temporarily reduce the amount of recommended content people see for now.

Instagram Reels is something the company mentioned as a focus on Meta’s conference call. Instagram Reels is another avenue in which the platform is trying to slowly transition to TikTok, with the company aiming to turn all videos posted on the platform into Reels.

Until these changes appear, however, users can breathe a sigh of relief as Instagram takes a step back and continues to look for better ways to improve the implementation of these new changes going forward.


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