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TEMPE, Ariz., Sept. 7, 2021 / CSRwire / – LifeGuides® is proud to announce that James Brissenden has joined our team as Director, Positive Growth.

James joins LifeGuides® after leading marketing, branding, B2B and B2C strategies for one of the major independent insurance agencies. His experience has created deep relationships with HR practitioners and enhanced his personal thought leadership in human resources. His background includes leading statewide HR events for the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and six years as communications director for the Maine SHRM State Council.

James appears regularly at SHRM events and speaks on topics such as: Multiple Generations in the Workplace; Unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of younger employees; The cultural influence of strategic philanthropy; and, enhancing cultures of caring.

His time in the HR industry has honed his life passion which is to make a positive impact on humanity on a large scale by harnessing the power of the company to drive positive change through the HR function.

James said, “Given my work alongside some of the country’s top HR managers while investing my career in strategic HR issues, it is clear that LifeGuides® fills a critical void in employee wellbeing. The LifeGuides® peer-to-peer relationship model in combination with the diversity and proven experience of the LifeGuides® community offers operational managers a comprehensive opportunity to increase the vitality, health and wisdom of the “whole person”. LifeGuides® represents an opportunity for Conscious Leaders to do exceptional good as leaders create a lasting legacy by promoting both the personal and professional lives of employee families. “

LifeGuides® offers a community of trained and certified guides who can cumulatively share life experiences and empathy on more than 400 topics related to personal growth, lifelong learning or the challenges of life. The Guides “Voice” lives at the intersection of mentoring, coaching, therapy, executive education, positive psychology and talking to a good friend. As one of our members said, “Better than therapy, more qualified than a friend.” The guides bring real experience and authentic empathy with them as they support members on the whole path of realizing their potential. LifeGuides® is offered to employees and all adult family members of leading organizations either as an HR service, as an L&D service that covers much more than just work topics, or as an event-driven response to developments such as COVID or DE&I targets.

Mark Donohue, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “James is a deeply empathic person with excellent emotional intelligence that is vital to joining our team. He also brings a wealth of HR skills to the table. We are fortunate to have his commitment to our vision and mission given our agreed upon goals. He will undoubtedly play a key role in achieving our mission – which is to positively impact 1 billion people in 15 years. “Mark continued,” After James has been on our team for a month, it is clear why he has my trust deserved and why I offered him the unique role of working exclusively by my side. James will help improve all aspects of my vision and strategy as he radically expands my scope. ”

James holds a degree in psychology from Bates College and an MBA from the University of Maine. He’s always giving back, such as his recent tenure on the board of directors of the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center, treasurer, and member of the executive committee. He is based in San Francisco, California, where LifeGuides® has a technology team and a growing sales presence.

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LifeGuides® offers a community of trained and certified guides who provide guidance in over 400 categories of personal growth, lifelong learning, or life challenges. We are an HR benefit from leading employers from all industries. Through the experienced and empathetic support of employees in the most varied of “everyday” events, employees lead happier and more productive lives – both at home and at work. As one member said: “Better than therapy, more qualified than a friend.” Our guide community lives at the intersection of mentoring, coaching, therapy, further education, positive psychology and talking to good friends. Each leader brings a “voice” based on: loving kindness, happiness mindset, humility, no judgment, no dogma, and a focus on feeding the whole person. Our mission is to build a community for the exchange of life experience and empathy – and to positively influence the lives of 1B people within 15 years. LifeGuides® modernizes human support and connection, which are fundamental to the human spirit and wellbeing. Learn more at https://www.lifeguides.com/.

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