James Gunn breaks up the Peacemaker’s relationship with the government

Peacemaker and Vigilante back to back

peacemaker changed the game in terms of how many of us see John Cena’s take on the character, myself included. As someone who hasn’t wanted to watch a show about Peacemaker as a character, I’m proud to say I was so wrong and that creator James Gunn mastered the art of making this character’s journey into something we’ve explored week in and week out week wanted to see . And sometimes that means Chris Smith has to deal with issues going on around him that are comparable to what’s happening in our own reality.

In conversation with VultureJames Gunn has broken down how Chris Smith’s journey ties into current events and how real life struggles compared to what happened in it The Suicide Squad: “Well, there’s an argument for that. Definitely in suicide squad, that’s a prominent thing we’re getting into, our relationship with a government that’s using us. but peacemaker’It’s a little different because everything related to government is so behind the scenes. We hear about the government’s manipulations, but we don’t go into too much detail. peacemaker It’s about what’s going on in America, but it’s more about what’s going on within the American people than within the government itself.”

in the The Suicide SquadChris Smith was in some ways a pawn for the government but as we can see peacemaker, he’s willing to try and make his own decisions about the butterflies and the government’s involvement in all of this. He wants to unpack what’s happening for himself, rather than having someone tell him what to believe, and that’s a very big topic of conversation these days, especially among Americans. So the confidence that Chris has in his own beliefs and unpacking things for himself is interesting and will also prove difficult in Season 2 of the hit HBO show.

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