John F. Floyd addresses Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats


John F Floyd

I’ve never liked a person or politician who championed a single issue. Now, I belatedly admit, I have discovered a person or persons who are so political that they are a lone supporter of a political party. Whatever the issue, whatever the social disruption, whatever the consequences, it’s my party, right or wrong.

I previously wrote what I thought was a friendly article on the use of electric vs. hybrid/electric technology in automotive manufacturing. The article had nothing to do with politics, but offered a way to make the transition from gas-powered vehicles to fully electric vehicles in an organized and sensible way. Political parties or party affiliations were not considered.

I had a good friend who took offense at the article because he saw it as anti-democratic. We had a good discussion about the hybrid concept vs. electric, and we ended the conversation with this person who said to me, “I’m a Democrat.”

Being a Democrat does not, and should not, mean that you have to explicitly follow the party line. I feel the same way about the Republican Party or other party affiliations, although I have to admit that as I got older I became more conservative in my thought processes.

Party affiliation has never been as dangerous as it is now manifesting itself. The leader of the Democrats, President Joe Biden, literally has his finger on the trigger that could start another war, a war the likes of which the United States has never seen.

On the one hand we have a madman, Vladimir Putin, walking loose in the world. With his invasion of Ukraine he created a “cornered animal syndrome”. Putin is a desperate man.

On the other side is a good man, President Biden, but a person with flawed qualities. With his speech errors, he puts the United States in a precarious position.

Biden is talking about “Armageddon” like it’s another chapter in the book of mankind. Putin’s threats should be seen as real and ominous.

Scott S. Sagan wrote in the Wall Street Journal’s Review Section: “Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats were ominous and apocalyptic. In March 2018, he told an interviewer that he would not start a nuclear war, but if “aggressors” attack Russia, “revenge is inevitable. … We will go to heaven as martyrs. You’re just going to drop dead.’”

As he illegally annexed parts of Ukraine, Putin escalated the threat, announcing that “if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will undoubtedly use all available means to protect Russia and our people.” This is not a bluff.”

i believe him And what he perceives as a threat is unclear. But the big and most important question is, “Should the United States risk nuclear war because of the conflict in Ukraine?” Once the genie is out of the bottle, it will be very difficult to put it back in and close the lid.

My answer to the war over Ukraine is no, and definitely no.

Ukraine was not on the US radar screen until Russia began issuing ominous threats in 2021. President Biden thought he could prevent the invasion through diplomacy, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

On the opinion page of The Wall Street Journal, writer Walter Russell Mead asked this question: “Would we risk New York to keep Odessa free?”

Mead continued: “To deter Russia is not to humiliate her. As President Kennedy understood, deterrence complements diplomacy. The more effective our deterrence, the more flexible our diplomacy can become. However, deterrence comes first. Mr. Biden must bar the door on the use of nuclear weapons before he can seek a path to peace.”

Does anyone, Democrat or Republican, believe that President Biden has the stature or presence to broker a deal with Russia to end the war in Ukraine?

Let’s hope Russia has the same control over its nuclear arsenal as the United States does when it comes to preventing unauthorized use by military commanders. US nuclear weapons are electronically locked with Permissive Action Links. This electronic system is designed to prevent any unauthorized use. I don’t know who or what controls the missiles in Russia aimed at the US, but I bet it’s Putin.

Can the US take the risk of Putin upgrading his nuclear weapons, which include missiles aimed at American cities?

John F. Floyd is from Gadsden and graduated from Gadsden High School in 1954. Previously he was Director of UK Manufacturing at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Vice President of Manufacturing and International Operations at General Tire & Rubber Co. and Director of Manufacturing, Chrysler Corp. He can be reached at [email protected] The opinions expressed are his own.


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