Kelly Olsen’s Guardian debut is Supergirl at its best



To this end, she and former arrow Star David Ramsey, who plays Diggle and who guest-starred and directed that episode, had regular dinners together to discuss his perspective on his character and how to incorporate different experiences into their storytelling.

Because while Kara is undoubtedly a heroine and a symbol of hope, light, and positivity to almost everyone she comes in contact with, she’s not perfect. It has “blind spots” of its own and can – and probably shouldn’t – be the solution to every problem for everyone. Yes, her absence from the Heights is largely due to her focus on stopping Nyxly and saving the greatest number of people from harm by their hands. But what about the parts of the city that are already suffering and whose battles are often ignored?

“I think a lot of superhero shows make the superhero a hero and that was something we discussed with this topic where if you just look at society it doesn’t do any good for a person to be the answers. It never works, ”says Tesfai. “So it’s about empowering other people – not saving people, but empowering other people to be their own heroes. For me, that has always been a very important lesson that we teach our fans. “

Part of Kelly’s decision to finally become Guardian is her desire to be that kind of hero, someone who extends a hand to the residents of the Heights even as she uses her shield to defend them. But it’s also an answer to a much more difficult question – one that can’t be answered in a single episode. In a show whose ethos is based on hope, what does that emotion look like for a community that often has little reason to believe that anyone cares or even watches their struggles?

For Tesfai, one of the most important aspects of the Blind Spots story is that the episode does not sum up in one neat and orderly bow the problems Kelly or the community she is so desperate to help is facing.

“The format of our show and all superhero shows is: the problem is presented, you talk about it, you fight the big fight scenes, you have a reflective moment, it is solved,” says Tesfai. “It just doesn’t work here, and that the last scene was something completely open and uncomfortable was really important.”



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