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Sidney Police Department met with local government agencies and partners earlier this week to take a National Incident Management System (NIMS) training course to better prepare for potential threats and hazards.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of all units at the local, state and national levels communicating and operating within the National Incident Management System,” said Sydney Police Chief William Balling.

Past events in the area include frequent tornado outbreaks and mass crashes with accidents, but NIMS (the National Incident Management System) can also be used for scheduled events such as parades, tree lighting, and festivals.

“The recent events in Wisconsin and Michigan again demonstrate the need for ongoing training as we meet to celebrate, but we must anticipate the worst,” Balling said.

The agencies involved in NIMS training were the Lockington Fire Department, Miami County EMA, Shelby County EMA, Village of Anna, Shelby County Health Department, Shelby County Amature Radio, Wilson Health, and the City of Sidney. The training was conducted by Marc Burdiss of Preparedness Solutions and sponsored by the Shelby County EMA and Shelby County LEPC.

Kristy Fryman, who will become Shelby County’s new EMA director in January, notes that conducting drills and training is vital as it enables people to identify problems and address them to better respond to emergencies to be prepared in the real world.

“In addition, having a team of trained staff will improve our responsiveness, which will result in better service to our community. Shelby County’s EMA / LEPC will continue to work with our local and state partners to plan and deliver the necessary training, ”said Fryman.

Balling said the training drills helped participating authorities – including the Sydney Police Department – in two ways: they provided an opportunity to better respond to emergencies, and they provided an opportunity to learn from each other and build relationships that are needed in the event of a critical incident or emergency .

“As a police chief, I understand that we are only good with the people we have and the relationships we have built. I commend the Shelby County EMA for their continued support and guidance to support and develop our emergency services, ”said Balling.


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