Lego Star Wars Bubble Burst Puzzle Solution – How to get the Gungan City Kyber Brick


The Lego Star Wars Bubble Burst puzzle is seemingly complicated, or it is if you just approach it from the front.

The solution is closer than you might think, so grab your Kyber Brick challenge and continue your journey.

How to solve the lego star wars bubble burst puzzle?

The bubble burst puzzle is all about putting the blue dot in the right position on the box surrounding the bubble and the solution is right in front of you. Under the platform – specifically under each panel – is a row of red and blue lights. The blue light under the panel is in the position where the light on the panel should be.

For example, under the panel to the left of the door, the blue light is in the third place. This means that you should interact with the panel twice to turn the third position blue.

If you want to solve the puzzle yourself, you’ll have to use the bubbles and platforms around the Kyber Brick bubble to get a glimpse of the location of the lights. If you’d rather do it faster, this is where you should see the blue light for each panel, starting to the right of the bubble’s entrance.

  • second place
  • fourth place
  • Third digit

The door will open after you (correctly) move the blue light on the last tile, and you can rush in and grab your Kyber Brick. You can get at least two more Kyber Bricks by completing the stage and achieving True Jedi status, although there are several other missions you can complete to earn Kyber Bricks. Use these to buy class and core upgrades for your characters to make the game a little easier and increase your skills.

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