Loans you no longer manage – the solution is consolidation!

Everyone may have experienced it before, in some cases it is almost impossible to meet their financial obligations. Hardly paying one loan, the next five are waiting to remind you of your former indiscretion with your interest. If you still have enough money and you live without much limitation, nothing really happens, you will repay everything in the foreseeable future. But if it is not so far, there is only one solution – consolidation !

Don’t worry, this solution has already been used by many people with success


Consolidation is possible for some scarecrow, but why should it be? On the contrary, it is rather a helping hand at a time when other options have more likely failed, and even the possibility of enforcement proceedings against you has appeared . That is, a situation that nobody really wants to experience on their own, because there is a lot to be lost. No need to despair, because within a few days you can have a clearer – and consolidate all loans literally under one roof.

This interesting solution is offered by most domestic banks, it is quite easy and most of the work will be done by bank officials for you. So what is a necessity? In short, you just have to log in and, of course, actively cooperate. If you have a real interest in solving the problem, the problem is already solved. And the principle of consolidation as such is actually quite simple;

In terms of consolidation, you have several different options. Let’s go through a comparison of the  banking houses, which also provide the possibility of consolidating earlier loans. Will you consolidate ? Or, on the contrary, will he get the word from banks?

Bank A Bank B
Possible range of loans 30 thousand to one million crowns 20 to 700 thousand crowns
Maturity period 6 to 96 months (ie, eight years) 12 to 120 months (ie ten years)
Interest / APR from 4.7 / 4.81% 6.9 / 10.7%
Extra charges No No

The winner is quite unambiguous, is even half in the case of bank A – and of course it decides in the first place. Consolidation of loans with bank B is thus rather less favorable, but it may bring more interesting conditions than other alternatives on the market. You’ll find out all this with a very simple comparison that takes just a few minutes of your time…

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