Local artist wins gold in Hollywood


After dominating Hollywood’s 2022 IPOP talent hunt, Ebotse resident Mitchell Godwin is looking to conquer the entertainment scene in the City of Angels.

The 24-year-old prevailed over 2,000 participants from different countries and snagged a gold medal as the best singer of the competition. He also received a silver medal for ramp modeling and a bronze medal for acting.

With these accomplishments, he became the first contestant in the history of the competition to receive recall interviews from all of the event’s agents.

“I don’t think I could have achieved that in South Africa without DMH Talent. Agency owner Tanielle Ladwig flew over with us and supported us throughout the event. She helped us achieve our dreams,” he says.

Mitchell Godwin (left) with his mother, Chereen Godwin.

Mitchell began his musical journey at the age of five taking piano lessons. At the age of 10 he took singing lessons and at the age of 11 he obtained his Piano 2 Certificate at the British School of Brussels in Belgium.

“School allowed me to pursue my music and prioritize.”

Inspired by Lewis Capaldi and Dean Lewis, he says the musicians’ authenticity and storytelling inspired him to write from the bottom of his heart.

“My writing is based on personal experience. I connect well with my feelings. I am an exceptionally emotionally driven person. I have to admit, it was a big insecurity for me. Because I’m so emotionally charged, I’m very sensitive. However, the curse is also a blessing,” he adds.

Mitchell’s music is making waves abroad. However, he has not yet penetrated the market in his home country, as he believes many barriers prevent many like him from entering.

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Mitchell Godwin won a gold medal at the 2022 IPOP Talent Search in Hollywood.

“The path just paved itself. I would meet someone while I’m out and they would happen to know someone who knows someone. This led me to Mark Pilgrim who introduced me to Mark Beling who produces all of my current music. It then led to its being discovered in the UK and Australia.

“My first song charted on one of the Australian channels. It’s all about connections and a willingness to learn more. My journey has been long and sometimes arduous, but mostly rewarding.

“I hope South Africa gets better at opening doors for new musicians to be heard by our community. As it stands, my music has grown all over the world, but practically nothing in South Africa.”

Music may be his first love, he states that acting allows him to share perspectives that people can relate to.

“I am drawn to acting because of the ability to express a concept that would otherwise be inappropriate. I see art as a way to express emotions that words can never express.”

Where does Mitchell see himself in the next five years?

“I see myself in Los Angeles, I’m busy moving there. I see myself connected to many more people through my art. I see how I influence others to pursue themselves.

“I also offer spiritual life coaching. I see myself doing that a lot more over the next five years. I want to add value.”

He may be headed for the big lights of Los Angeles, but he knows his career would not have thrived without the solid foundation his parents laid.

“I have no words to describe my mother. She worked like a machine to give my brother and I a good life as single parents. She never neglected us. She has always motivated us to pursue our passions and dreams while working almost 10 hours a day most days. She is an angel.

“My father also stood by my side and supported me to be who I am. He and my stepmother loved watching me perform in the pubs and bars. It was our version of bonding and just having a good time.

“They all express their pride in me. I am very blessed with my support system.”

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