Lucky Switch users are losing more over the upcoming release despite strict measures from Nintendo


Nintendo fans have had nothing but a slew of bad news surrounding a number of fan-favorite games lately. The delays in the production process of Nintendo’s legendary RPG franchise Zelda have already disappointed Switch owners. Also, another notable turn-based combat simulation title in Advance Wars 1 & 2.


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The game was originally slated for a December 2021 release, but was unfortunately pushed back to April 2022. But unfortunately even this release could not materialize because the studio delayed the game again. But that couldn’t stop one lucky Switch owner from playing the game despite being pushed back.


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Video source: Nintendo

Apparently, kills had the game preinstalled on their Nintendo Lite device before the studio announced the delay. This resulted in the Twitter user gaining access to the unreleased track that stunned the world.

First look at unreleased Nintendo titles Advance Wars 1 & 2

The Switch owner shared some interesting images from the game that fans hadn’t seen before. It included gameplay video, tutorial levels, opening section, NPCs and much more.

Fans polled Rachel about tutorial levels and what the game actually had to offer. She answered the question with in-game footage showing the opening section of the game.

This is what the main menu screen looks like if you’re wondering?

She even unleashed the power of a one-character the game calls “Max Force” at his best.

That’s what the first few levels have to offer, and the Blue Moon Army’s commander, Olaf, will indeed greet you from the start.

Here’s what the game’s first few missions have to offer, along with some gameplay elements.

The exact reason for these delays is still unknown, but there are few things to say about the game. It is in the final stages and needs some polishing.

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Because of this, the Japanese studio decided to withdraw the game and offered Rachel a full refund.


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After going through these leaks, are you excited for the release of Advance Wars? Share your thoughts below.


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