Marvel’s broken timeline is finally starting to make sense


A preview of Marvel’s #9 reveals the dark secret behind Lady Lotus’ power and the truth behind the Siancong War.

Warning: Contains a preview for miracle #9

Finally, Marvel Comics attempts to understand its complex timeline using events depicted in The wondersthe miniseries by Kurt Busiek and Yildiray Cinar to explain one of the most controversial events in the Marvel Universe, The Siancong War.

Marvel Comics’ biggest selling point has always been that its stories, no matter how fantastic, are set in the world “outside your window.” The “sliding timescale” is a concept used to “fix” the passage of time in the Marvel Universe so that characters do not age noticeably. For example, Spider-Man was a teenager in the 1960s and a young adult male in the 2020s. This created an issue regarding real-life events related to some characters, such as B. the Vietnam War, which prompted writers Kurt Busiek and Mark Waid to invent a conflict, the Siancong War, which serves as a setting for characters whose origins were originally tied to specific wars that took place in real life and can not be held by the sliding time scale. This idea caused mixed reactions and sometimes even more confusion from fans, but it seems Marvel is finally trying to explain what the Siancong War is and why it’s been going on for so long.


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In 2019 History of the Marvel Universe (a series of books charting Marvel’s entire in-universe timeline), Mark Waid introduced the Siancong War (a concept he developed with Kurt Busiek), a conflict in Central Asia that predates the current Marvel continuity by about fifteen years will stay behind. This war serves to “fix” the origin stories of the many Marvel characters associated with the Vietnam War, such as Tony Stark, who was originally captured there, or the Punisher, who was a Vietnam veteran. That way, these characters don’t age too much, as they’re tied to a real-world conflict that’s becoming more and more distant over time. Fan reactions to this decision were mixed, as some felt Marvel would be betraying its flagship motto of setting stories in the world outside your window. However, Mark Waid promised that the Siancong War would get its own spotlight, and it eventually happened The wonders. A preview of Issue #9 – written by Kurt Busiek with illustrations by Yildiray Cinar – shows that some truths about the reclusive Asian country are finally about to emerge.

Lady Lotus is a central character in The wonders. After spending many decades as a crime boss in the west, she returned to Siancong and erected a black dome around the entire country, killing anyone who comes in contact with it. She then sent a message to the world announcing that Siancong would no longer tolerate outside interference in his affairs. A group of heroes then infiltrated the land, only to be captured by Lady Lotus. In Issue #9, titled The Forgotten War, readers will finally find out Learn about the Siancong War. The dark power that Lady Lotus is tapping into influences the people of the land, making them pretend to be from a distant era, trapped in the past. This affects not only the people of Siancong, but the world around them and anyone who enters the area.

This mysterious power is likely used by the writers to explain Siancong’s unique position as the “anchor point” in time that connects the stories and pasts of so many characters. The Marvel Comics Chronicle will always be a complicated thing, as characters always age differently than the world they find themselves in, Kurt Busiek tries to explain Siancong War that he created is certainly welcome. The wonders #9 will be available on March 16th.

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