Mechjammer is a cyberpunk role-playing game with no mechs or jams


If the gruesome look of the cyberpunk RPG Death Trash isn’t quite for you, then maybe the grunge style of Mechajammer. It’s an upcoming open-world game influenced by 80s action movies, set in a cyberpunk city surrounded by murderous jungles on an alien planet. In the trailer I discovered: cool motorcycles, very good eye patches and futuristic weapons that make very good “pewpewpew” noises.

While the game is a little inspired by the old isometric Fallouts, said Whalenought co-founder Hannah Williams PCGamer It’s also influenced by ’80s science fiction and action films like Escape From New York and The Terminator.

“There is something wonderfully dark, dark and campy about the way the future is portrayed in these films that really appeals to us,” Williams told PCG. “These low-tech worlds are both terrible and relatable, and while Mechjammer is more of a science fiction setting, the world itself is analog and familiar. We love to create a dense, abstract visual atmosphere in our games, and we wanted to channel the lack of CGI that is used in these type of sci-fi movies. The surroundings are a thick wall of dingy, sweaty pixels, and we think it captures the filthy feel of movies like this. ”

When you play Mechajammer, you assemble a crew of deserters who want to leave this enemy colony. The combat is turn-based and it looks like you have a lot of dystopian weapons at your disposal (like the “Pewpewpew” rifles mentioned above, as well as some good swords).

steam says Mechajammer is coming “soon”. When it comes out, it will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can find out more about this at the game’s website.

Mechajammer was originally Kickstarted about five years ago when it was called Copper Dreams. It has grown a lot since then, and not just in name. It initially had a low poly look that has been swapped for a more stylized pixelated look.

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