Motorola’s Top 8 Cell Phones of All Time


Unless you were born after the year 2000, you are aware of Motorola’s profound influence on the wireless and smartphone industry. The Razr remains one of the most recognizable phones in the world, and Motorola’s modern smartphones are affordable and reliable mid-range smartphones.

Yes, Apple and Samsung have dominated smartphone headlines for the past few years, but Motorola remains a reliable option for anyone tired of the two-party system. Below we’ve listed some of our all-time favorite Motorola phones over the years, going back to 2002 to find some of the best.

1. Razr V3 (2004)

iconic. Legendary. world changing. These are just a few of the words not to use dramatically to describe the mid-2000s Motorola Razr. While virtually every flip phone in 2022 seems like Stone Age technology, the original Razr in 2005 was the pinnacle of technology, with a sleek, stylish design, a button layout unique (remember?), and internet connectivity at the time , was groundbreaking.


One could argue that the Motorola Razr V3 started the worldwide obsession with mobile phones. The device became a cultural phenomenon, from LeBron James videotaping one at a WWE event to Maria Sharapova’s iconic pink device at Wimbledon, which eventually became a mainstay. After selling 130 million units in its four-year lifespan – making it the best-selling clamshell phone of all time – the iPhone crushed the flip phone market and with it the Razr, but as we know, it emerged a few decades later the market.

2. Moto Z (2016)

2016 was a wild year. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, a reality TV star was elected president, and Motorola this year introduced the Moto Z, the company’s flagship model. What made this smartphone unique was the ecosystem of Moto Mods that accompanied it. These handy additions can be attached to the Moto Z to boost its performance, be it a powered speaker system, a premium camera setup or a quick-sharing projector.

The device was popular and well-received when design awards and universal praise for the unique approach to smartphone technology. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anywhere near popular enough to change the trajectory of the smartphone industry to adapt these mods for future phones. Tragically, Moto Mods were discontinued in 2020 and such a replacement doesn’t seem on the cards for Motorola or the rest of the smartphone industry.

3. Moto G Power (2022)

Battery life continues to be the bane of the smartphone industry. Faced with borderline obsessive use by virtually every user, smartphone makers are still trying to crack the longevity problem. Still, Motorola has done the world a service with the Moto G Power, a mid-range smartphone with a 5000mAh battery and lower specs that allows for a whopping three days of battery life. That’s right, you no longer have to charge every night to make sure you can make it past lunch.

With most devices only lasting two days on a full charge and the average iPhone still struggling to keep up, the Moto G Power represents a big step towards a smartphone experience that isn’t tied to the nearest charger. Of course, we’re still a long way from enjoying wireless charging wherever we are, but three days is enough time to feel like you don’t need to ask a stranger for their USB-C cable.

4. Moto Razr Gen 2 (2020)

When foldable screen technology looked like a serious possibility, the idea that Motorola could revive the iconic Razr phone was nothing short of intoxicating. After its announcement, the tech news cycle again resembled 2004, discussing whether or not the Razr was going to be the next big thing in the mobile world. Unfortunately, the first iteration had some serious issues, from screen glitches to broken hinges. However, the second iteration, released in 2020, has improved dramatically over the first device – especially in the price department at just $999 – and is certainly a solid option for those looking for a foldable phone.

Yes, it’s not the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The hardware obviously doesn’t match the powerhouse Samsung, and the options aren’t nearly as extensive. However, if you love a nostalgia game that takes you back to the good old days, the latest Motorola Razr is easily one of our favorite phones from the Chicago-based cellphone installation.

5.Moto Edge (2020)

In recent years, displays have moved closer and closer to the edge of the screen. When bezels started to disappear entirely, the smartphone world just wasn’t satisfied and started sending the display over the edge in wraparound screens that have become very popular. The Motorola Edge followed this trend with its Endless Edge technology, which seriously added some space to the display for everyone.

That display combined with the 5G functionality, solid speaker setup, and high-resolution display made for an excellent streaming experience, especially for a phone that only cost $699. It obviously wasn’t perfect, with no waterproofing, no wireless charging and poor cameras, but these are far from dealbreakers for the average user, and the 4,500mAh battery more than makes up for that with two full days of life before it dies .

6. Moto V70 (2002)

In the days leading up to the Razr, Motorola made some vacillations. In a time before internet-enabled phones were the norm, unique designs were the primary means of attracting attention, and Motorola was great at it. The V70 was a prime example with its unusual shape, rotating cover and innovative button placement. It looked like it was straight out The Jetsons without alienating users with a difficult-to-use interface.

Keep in mind that this was a 2002 phone, so it didn’t have much to offer other than the cool design and unique rotating cover. Back then, that was more than enough to grab the attention of the masses, and this phone represented Motorola’s refocus on customer experience. In fact, one could say that this type of device paved the way for the Razr, and the rest, as they say, is history.

More classics will follow

Motorola continues to make some of the best budget and mid-tier devices out there. The recently released Moto G 5G performed well in our review, and we’re hoping a new Razr is in the works for 2022.

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