My roommate is a cat is perfect for stray fans


Stray has dominated the gaming space of late, with gamers and publications alike constantly discussing the new video game. In this cyberpunk adventure, players control a cat exploring a desolate cyberpunk town trying to figure out what happened to the humans. If that’s not enough cat action for some, don’t worry — anime has a lot of cool cats. As a matter of fact, My roommate is a cat possibly the best anime choice for Stray fans because they touch on similar topics.

My roommate is a cat is based on the manga written by Minatsuki and illustrated by Asu Futatsuya, which premiered on September 19, 2008 Comic Polaris website in 2015. It proved incredibly popular and was released in bulk before being adapted into an anime by Zero-G in 2019. The anime’s screenplay was written by Deko Akao, while Kaoru Suzuki is directing.

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My roommate’s plot is a cat

My roommate is a cat follows a young mystery writer named Subaru Mikazuki. Subaru is quite introverted and struggles to deal with people and social situations. Since his parents died in a tragic accident, he has lived a somewhat reclusive life, staying at home reading books and writing rather than socializing. However, while visiting his parents’ grave, Subaru meets a stray cat named Haru. The furry cat follows Subaru home and he decides to adopt the cat. However, Subaru has never owned a cat before, which forces him to get on his feet quickly.

As Subaru gradually learns the basics of caring for Haru, the two develop a bond – and it leads to them helping each other through life’s problems. That’s not easy, however, as Subaru’s problems run deep — especially as he’s still reeling from the tragic accident that killed his parents — leading to his writing strains. To make matters worse, life on the road has brought Haru her own problems and neuroses, forcing the two to face their problems head on if they are to coexist and heal.

not how Stray, My roommate is a cat is not cyberpunk; In fact, it’s a highly grounded slice-of-life comedy/drama. However, the game and anime focus on how humans and animals interact despite having different perceptions of the world. Many episodes of My roommate is a cat Switch back and forth between Subaru and Haru’s perspectives and show how although they are going through the same events, they perceive them differently and often misunderstand what the other is feeling or trying to do. This only becomes more intriguing as their past and troubles cloud their perception of the events they are experiencing.

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My roommate is a cat gives perspectives of humans and animals

Later episodes of My roommate is a cat Indulge viewers with sequences that show the world from other animals’ perspectives, and further explore how different creatures interact and how their personal experiences can cause them to misunderstand or not understand what others are going through. And these moments come together to show that while communication can be difficult, some things, especially emotions, are universal.

The series has some fantastic animations – especially for Haru and the other animals – that balance style and realism perfectly. Though the animals often look and move like their real-life counterparts, they still have big, relatable, and expressive moments that perfectly convey their often complex emotions. This, combined with the stellar voice acting, makes the animals feel well rounded while still feeling like personifications of real life creatures.

My roommate is a cat is an adorable anime that deserves more attention. It perfectly balances multiple genres and, thanks to its two memorable leads, creates an entertaining and unforgettable story about the cat ownership experience. His treatment of Haru is also realistic, treating his shyness with respect and giving his personal growth the gravitas it deserves. Even the comedy is surprisingly respectful, carving lighthearted moments out of Haru’s troubles without ever feeling mean. To the Stray Fans looking for more fun with cats, or anime fans just looking for a warm and relaxed experience, My roommate is a cat can be the perfect watch.

My Roommate is a Cat is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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