New Android Auto feature keeps personal data away from work apps


Android Auto is improving at a really fast pace these days, with Google even now working around the clock to bring some new generation features into the car experience.

Not long ago, for example, the Mountain View-based search giant confirmed that Android Auto would have gas payments support, so users can leave their credit cards or cash at home as long as Google Pay is configured on their mobile devices.

And now, Google has confirmed that Android Auto also supports Work Profiles, a feature already available on Android devices that allows users to separate their personal data from work apps.

In other words, you no longer need two phones to avoid mixing business and personal files, and now that experience is migrated to Android Auto too, so you can easily see work meetings and messages on the car’s display.

Google hasn’t communicated an ETA when to begin rolling out this feature, but evidence of work profiles in Android Auto builds was discovered this summer when the company likely began testing the new feature in-house.

Meanwhile, Android Auto itself is getting more and more important updates, and Google itself seems to be doing a lot more to improve the overall experience based on user feedback.

Also, the company recently confirmed that it is rolling out dual SIM support for Android Auto, so users can essentially choose which SIM card to use when making calls from their car. This is one of the top feature requests on Android Auto, and with more and more phones now coming with dual SIM support (either with two physical SIMs or with a hybrid eSIM configuration), it makes sense that Google should be releasing this feature.

The next Android Auto updates will bring all of these extras with them. So make sure to install the new versions as soon as they are released to be the first to try them out.

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