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Years before Dr. Andrew Dunn arrived on the East Tennessee State University campus in the fall of 2010, the Florida-born and Alabama-raised transplant had already had a successful career.

As a reporter for Florida-based Tallahassee Democrat and The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida, Dunn wrote important stories about education and legislative policy.

Dunn, who has a Ph.D. in communications from the University of Alabama, is now chairman of the media and communications department at ETSU, an appointment he received earlier this year.

His professional achievements help run the department he now heads.

“We pride ourselves on having faculty with one foot in the professional world and one foot in the academic world as all of our faculty have hands-on work experience, which benefits our students immensely. I was a professional journalist so I know what it takes to be successful in this hypercompetitive environment, ”he said. “But whether it’s journalism, advertising, public relations, radio, TV or film, the entire industry needs skills. Hard and soft skills. You can’t just learn that in a book; you have to experience it. You have to do it.”

A quick look at the faculty’s website shows what ETSU is all about for students: dozens of professional advisors are available for advice, experience media worth 1.5 million US dollars are available, and more than 40 industries have dealt with the Faculty teamed up to provide internships, training, and collaboration.

Dunn, whose academic research focuses on media psychology and communication technology, wants students to learn and then practice critical skills. In addition, students will need to work with companies – made possible by ETSU’s partnerships with a wide variety of companies – to practice these skills.

“We train you in the latest technology and software, as well as certifications, and that’s where our partnerships with companies like Adobe or our Google Analytics training come in,” he said. “What we teach, however, is not pushing and turning a button. We will teach you how to apply what you have learned here to new scenarios in the professional world. We teach you to be agile, adaptable and lifelong learner. “

Dunn’s main goal as chairman is to attract more students to the department. This means expanding on what people think when they think about “media and communication,” he said.

“Are you a creative type? We have you Do you like to make films, take photos, write stories? We have you Do you enjoy planning events or influencing people or promoting products or building your social network? We have you Do you like sports, news, movies, TV, music videos, social media? We have you Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? We have you, ”he said. “Have you already graduated and looking for a master’s degree to expand your skills and position you more competitively in the industry? We have you. “

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