Persona 5 Royal Sojiro Confidant guide and choices


Invest time in the Persona 5 Royal Sojiro familiar is more than just preparing a nice cup of coffee. The abilities you unlock as you deepen your relationship with Sojiro are crucial to keeping Joker and the rest of the party fit during the long struggle through some of the RPG‘s more difficult palaces.

Sojiro’s Familiar is one of the earliest you can unlock outside of the core Phantom Thieves group, though there are more stumbling blocks than usual on the way to maxing it out. You have to increase Joker’s friendliness and deal with some other situations in Mementos along the way. Make sure you give Sojiro gifts he likes to speed up the process as well.

As with all familiars in Persona 5 Royal, you can strengthen your relationship with Sojiro faster by including a Persona of the appropriate arcana – in his case, Hierophant – in rank-up events. This guide uses point values ​​for answers with a matching persona in your list. So adjust the point value down by 1 if you don’t have any on hand. Most of Sojiro’s choices only give +1 with no Hierophant Persona. So if you want to climb through the ranks quickly, having a persona to match is more important than usual.

Berth is one of the easiest hierophant personas to acquire early in the game. You can fuse it with Personas recruited from Kamoshida’s Palace – Incubus and jack-o’-lantern. Orobas is the next Hierophant Persona. Once you reach level 17 you can Merge Silky and Onmoraki to receive it.

Sojiro Confidant unlocks

Rank 1: N/A

2nd place: Coffee basics

  • Joker can brew coffee in the café, which returns SP to an ally (making coffee takes time)

Rank 3: N/A

  • Joker can cook curry in the cafe, which returns some SP to all allies (currying takes time).

Rank 5: N/A

Rank 6: Coffee Championship

  • Joker can brew coffee, which returns a significant amount of SP to an ally

Rank 7: N/A

Rank 8: N/A

  • Joker can make Curry, which returns a significant amount of SP to the party

Rank 10: Curry Championship

  • Joker can make Curry, which returns a large amount of SP to the party

Selection and availability of Sojiro Confidant

Sojiro is available at night every weekday except Tuesday and is available day and night on rainy days. You can find him behind the counter at Café Leblanc. However, the Sojiro Familiar is locked at Rank 4 until the August 21 Futaba’s Palace deadline. Even if you complete the palace early, you’ll still have to wait for the actual deadline to pass before proceeding with his familiar.

Sojiro Familiar Tier 1

No choice counts to the end.

Just keep doing what you can. And don’t make trouble, right?

Sojiro Confidant rank 2 choices

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Ugh…I don’t know where he got wind of this place

  • This guy seemed suspicious (+2)

Also, ladies love a guy who knows his coffee. That’s not such a bad deal for you

  • I want the ladies to love me (+2)

Looks like you’re a quick learner so I hope you get the hang of it

Sojiro Confidant rank 3 choices

are you listening to me Which grind should you use?

I’m sorry, something just came up. We can continue the lesson another time

But don’t worry, I’ll let you work. We have a lot of time on our hands.

  • i am ready to work
  • Thanks in advance (both give +2)

Sojiro Confidant rank 4 choices

That’s because the acidity and bean flavor profile are all dependent on the bean ratio. Pretty deep, right?

It looks like Sojiro is in trouble. What should I do…?

Just let him do his thing and get on with the work. I have it?

Sojiro Confidant rank 5 choices

Again, Rank 5 is locked until after August 21stwhen the deadline for Futaba’s Palace is up.

And what about you?

I thought my pick up lines were the best in town but none of them worked for her… Heh…

So I vowed to keep this recipe alive until she can eat it again when I picked her up.

  • It really paid off in the end (+2)

… It’s only a problem if she asks for it three times a day

  • She needs a balanced diet (+2)

Sojiro Confidant rank 6 to choose from

By the way, what do you think of So-chan’s lonely life?

Doesn’t seem like the best environment for Futaba, does it?

I don’t even know how he managed to find me here… Maybe paying him was a mistake

  • Rescuing Futaba wasn’t a mistake

Futaba is fast asleep… I didn’t mean to get you into this whole mess

  • If I can help in any way (+2)

Sojiro Confidant rank 7 choices

To unlock the Rank 7 event, you must first Max Joker’s kindness. Feed your plant and clean the cafe to increase Joker’s friendliness quickly.

At the end of the day, the coffee and curry that people love so much are just excuses

The next two options don’t matter

And that’s just because you helped us connect, so… thanks for that

Persona 5 Royal Sojiro Confidant: A young anime man and a middle-aged man stand together in a coffee shop

  • Do you feel like a real father now? (+2)

Sojiro Confidant rank 8 choices

And you? Anything you would like to add to the menu?

God damn… What a pain in the ass. Don’t you have enough problems already?

  • I only protected Futaba

After that, the Mementos quest “Money-Grubbing Uncle” will be unlocked. Rank 9 only becomes available after completing this quest.

Sojiro Confidant rank 9 choices

What’s it like… living with Sakura-san? Please, you can speak honestly


  • Congratulations
  • You have a great daughter (both +3)

god i’m kidding Getting so sentimental? In my age?

Sojiro Confidant rank 10 choices

There is only one choice in the Rank 10 event, and you get +3 for each choice.

Kindness will only get you so far in your Tokyo life, and you’ll need to brush up on your intelligence if you want to pass your classes with flying colors – or just check out our Persona 5 Royal classroom answer guide.


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