Pokémon-like RPG Monster Crown has left Early Access



We now have a number of Pokémon-like monster catching games on PC, but if you’re tired of Temtem or Coromon, you could check out Monster Crown. It’s a turn-based combat RPG that fully launched today after a year of Early Access. It sounds a bit darker than other Pokélikes, however, because instead of taming or capturing your Mons with magical gadgets, you make pacts with them.

So less “Here is my cute pet monster” and more “Here is my monster friend, our deal is signed”. That’s not to say that none of the creatures in Monster Crown are cute – there are definitely some cozy-looking pals in the trailer. I think the eyeball face up there has an adorable look to be honest.

Some really nice artwork in this trailer! Reminds me a lot of the older Pokémon games. It’s a bit sworn, however, which doesn’t remind me very much of Pokémon games.

With Monster Crown you can collect Mons and “breed and merge” your own to genetically develop your dream team. You can also trade and fight with other players online – I wonder what weird and wonderful mashups people have made.

By the noise of things, Monster Crown is a pretty dark story. Development studio Aurum says you are traveling across an island “with a history of sadistic rulers” and face a threat from a “malicious young woman”. Choices also sound important as they add that you might become a “savior or dark messiah.” Pokémon games tend to deal with a little gritty subjects, but they usually leave a light and cheerful touch, so I like the idea of ​​being a little wicked for a change. I suppose the Mons are on board with that too?

During Early Access, developers added new monsters, moved story parts, and more. With today’s full version, players can now “explore and harvest everything Monster Crown has to offer”.

Monster Crown is available on Steam for Windows, Max and Linux and costs £ 17 / € 20 / $ 20. It also appeared on Nintendo Switch.



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