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Galar is usually on the lower end of most Pokémon Fans list when it comes to their favorite regions, with most choosing the former Kanto or Johto as their most popular. The early regions are undeniably iconic, and fans could argue endlessly about which is the best, but much of that love probably comes more from nostalgia than from their actual designs. Not only did Galar benefit from current generation graphics and technology, it also enabled Game Freak to show its creativity and take its real-world inspirations and design ideas to a new level.

With a fantastic range of Pokémon, vibrant scenery, and a fun story, the Galar region is in Pokémon sword and shield hits the nail on the head with its topic. Inspired by the UK, Galar is full of fresh ideas and interesting places for players to explore, providing both a fun gaming experience and a bright sign of future regions.

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How Galar’s design and inspirations surpass past Pokémon games

pokemon sword and shield wild territory

Galar has an incredibly diverse landscape with unspoiled rural areas, snow-capped mountains and lush forests. These design elements create really beautiful landscapes that make the player feel like they are exploring a place that really exists. Previous Pokémon Games, while graphically pleasing, tend to be fairly generic in design and fail to aim to replicate their real-world counterparts.

The starting town of Postwick, for example, is a quaint, English-style village that is arguably the most picturesque introduction the series has ever had. Motostoke’s steampunk aesthetic pays homage to Manchester’s early introduction of the steam engine, while Turffield’s design incorporates elements of prehistoric Britain. The old stones resemble Stonehenge and the chalk mound figures solidify the town’s historic look. The cities of Galar have amazing attention to detail, their designs blending the region’s British inspirations Pokémon Series staples to bring the world of the game and our own closer than ever before.

Gyms are no longer a side event in Sword and Shield

Leon in the stadium towards the fans

Galar gyms include sword and shieldBiggest improvements over previous games. While earlier arena battles were rather small, casual events in themed buildings, Galars are designed as massive sporting events. Gyms are huge stadiums filled to the brim with droves of fans cheering, singing, and singing from the stands. This creates an impressive atmosphere that is reinforced by the powerful music.

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Not only is this a great reflection of British sports culture, but it also makes any fight in the gym – and the player’s ultimate victory – more fulfilling. The gym leaders themselves become more interesting and appear as celebrities and local heroes with fans and not just more NPCs who have to be defeated and who you never have to think about again.

Galar has excellent legendary Pokémon and Lore

The Galarian lore is simple, but a strong point for sword and shield. Instead of complex stories about time travel and alternative dimensions, Galar goes back to basics and takes inspiration from the legend of King Arthur. At the top are Galar’s legendary Pokémon, Zacian and Zamazenta. These two guardians, inspired by King Arthur’s sword and shield, fought with Eternatus for the fate of Galar and banished the Gigantic Pokémon for 3,000 years.

Eternatus is also the cause of dynamaxing, a phenomenon introduced in Generation VIII that causes Pokémon to massively increase in size and power. The game does a good job of tying the mechanics to the region and its lore so that it really feels like something that could only happen in Galar due to its specific storyline.

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Galar’s Pokémon are diverse and fascinating

Pokemon Sword and Shield starter header

While sword and shield Widely criticized for excluding many older Pokémon, the 89 new creatures introduced in Generation VIII are a great addition to the Pokédex. Many of these Pokémon take inspiration from Britain’s wildlife, history, and culture. The starters provide clear examples of the care put into Pokémon designs, with each evolutionary line based on a specific element of British culture: Scorbunny’s line represents sport, Grookey and his evolutions represent British contributions to music (especially rock music) and the Sobble family celebrates British films and storytelling (especially novels and films about espionage such as James Bond).

Like Alola, Galar has regional variants that breathe new life into classic Pokémon. These also give these creatures a stronger bond with the British-inspired region. For example, Galarian Ponyta is similar to a Shetland pony or unicorn (the national animal of Scotland), and Galarian Weezing has a chimney on both heads that depicts the industrial revolution that began in Britain.

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Galar has unique and compelling characters

Hop is defeated

Galar is full of unforgettable characters, with player rival Hop being a great example. While those who prefer characters like Blue and Silver may write him off as another friendly rival, Hop gets over the course of. actually a meaningful character development sword and shield. While friendly, he’s not annoyingly upbeat, which makes his lows feel real and his accomplishments worth celebrating as he learns to be more than just Champion Leon’s little brother.

Then there are the other rivals Marnie and Bede, who differ in terms of style and personality, as well as the Gym Leaders, some of whom become recurring characters who are more than just boss fights in Galar. Even the generic NPCs have designs that associate them with Galar and his inspirations, such as British police officers and a postal worker. All of them bring a sense of realism to the world and cement Galar as the best region in the world Pokémon Series.

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