Poll: Would you pay $8 for Twitter Blue?


Twitter is going through some changes as its new owner and CEO, Elon Musk, takes the helm. One upcoming change is the latest pricing for Twitter Blue, which Musk has announced will rise from $4.99 in the US to $8, a change that could happen as soon as Monday, November 7th. It may not be the previously suggested $20 price tag that’s been bouncing around, but it still asks for more from a subscription that some might not find worth.

The main reason Twitter Blue is getting a price increase is revenue; Musk explains that Twitter cannot survive on ad revenue alone. The billionaire recently complained that Twitter is losing $4 million a day as advertisers stop spending on the platform. In a tweet to Stephen King, he further argued the price hike, saying that Twitter “must pay the bills somehow”!

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So what comes with this price increase? Twitter Blue is a subscription that gives users access to additional customization options, an undo tweet button, and some experimental features. A more recent release is the Edit button, which is currently being tested via subscription, although in due course this feature may be available to all users.

Meanwhile, Musk says the updated subscription will include features like the ability to post long videos and audio files, half the number of ads, a secondary tag for public figures, and priority on replies, mentions, and searches. He also says it will include a paywall bypass for certain releases.

Musk also explains that binding some features to Twitter Blue, such as B. the verification badge, will help “defeat bots and trolls”.

When Android Central’s Shruti Shekar tested Twitter Blue for herself shortly after launch, she wasn’t very impressed and felt it was “a waste of money”. But even with the new features, we’re still not sure if the upcoming price hike is worth it.


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