Price increase in the Apple App Store affects in-app purchases for Android, “Pokemon GO” and other apps


The Apple App Store price increase is affecting apps and in-app purchases as the company has increased its tax changes among developers, resulting in more expensive payments, but for some reason it’s also affecting Android. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are two different operating systems run by different companies and certainly one wouldn’t affect the other in terms of policies and such.

However, this is currently not the case as the developers are also increasing the prices for Android users, although the policies or prices have not changed.

Price increase in the Apple App Store affects Android

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Back in September, Apple announced a price increase for its App Store, effective today, October 5, where users will see price changes for both the app and in-app purchases. This is inevitable for developers as they need to raise their prices to consumers to avoid losing sales, but the surprising thing is that Android users are feeling this change too.

According to Eurogamer, “Pokemon GO’s” Niantic has already announced this price increase for everyone, but the company felt that this applies not only to the iOS platform but also to Android users.

It’s important to note that Google hasn’t announced a price change for its Play Store for Android, meaning this move is coming directly from the developers.

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Will this be seen in more apps?

It is both fair and unfair for users to experience this price increase. Fair because it will see the same prices for people’s in-app purchases on Pokemon GO and will apply to all platforms.

But it’s also unfair to Android users who, contrary to Apple’s announcement, don’t have Play Store changes from their parent company.

However, there is a possibility that this is observed by other developers who offer their apps for App Store and Play Store.

Prices in the Apple App Store

Apple is notorious for its massive commission rate that several companies have already levied against the company, especially with its 30 percent earnings that only 70 percent passes on to developers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk once spoke out against it, saying it was 10 times higher than what he expects from Apple’s price for all purchases.

The only change Apple has made for this is introducing a commission cap for developers, specifically with a lower commission rate of 15 percent for those with less than $1 million in annual revenue.

However, those who exceed one million in earnings for the year would have to pay the full 30 percent, per App Store guidelines.

Epic Games and “Fortnite” have previously fought Apple over this policy, specifically its offering of a third-party payment option that violates App Store policies.

Now Apple has rolled out another price increase and developer tax changes for the growing inflation in the economy and this is now affecting all users including those originating from Android. It seems that developers want to be fair to both iOS and Android users with their in-app purchases, but there are complaints about the price increase that caused Android users to pay more, although there were no changes.

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