Queer Games Bundle has hundreds of games for Pride Month



June is Pride Month, and a new bundle released yesterday aims to bring you a huge number of games and things from queer developers – and give money to those indie developers. The Queer Games Bundle 2021 is a real mix of stuff on Itch.io, from RPGs and turn-based tactical action to poetry and dating sims. Plus at least one game about a muscular Baywatch baby making seagulls kiss.

The bundle contains over 230 items: RPGs, turn-based tactics, dating simulations, road trips, visual novels, a flight simulator, an FPS, poems, playable dreams and diaries, puzzles, a rhythm game, music, playmaker assets, and tabletop RPG Doodads that range from additions to a collaborative storytelling game that plays during the atmospheric re-entry.

The Queer Games Bundle 2021 is available at Itch.io for $ 60. If you can’t afford this, it’s available too pay-what-you-can with a minimum of $ 10. A handful of these contain Steam Keys. The bundle lists a fundraising goal of $ 5 million.

“If we had 1/3 of the budget of an AAA game, we could give every solo developer a worthwhile salary for a year and every single team a massive boost in funding,” said the organizers. “Imagine what the developers and artists in this package could do in a year if they weren’t worried about starving to death or paying their rent that month.

“Purchasing the Queer Games Bundle is a direct action you can take right now to support queer people in a life changing way. In return, you will receive over 200 amazing, heartfelt, entertaining and radical games.”

Surprise, the bar stand is one of the all-rounders that you can “turn around”.

I haven’t played most of them yet, but I can recommend some. I love Nathalie Lawhead’s games, adorable collections of mini-games and virtual pets and animations and things that often play with their nature as software on a desktop computer. Then the bundle includes several games by Lena NW that are bold and graphic in ways that can be challenging and shocking (including Fuck Everything, which Cara wrote about a long time ago). And Genderwrecked (in the picture at the top ↑) is a fun and insightful visual novel about trying to understand “gender” by exploring islands and talking, possibly even pashing, to the strange monsters that live there.

Life Is Strange studio Dontnod is giving away Tell Me Why, their newest game, which will be available to take away for free during Pride Month. One of their suggestions as to what people did with their money instead was to buy games from trans and queer indie developers.



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