Questions we still have after completing Danganronpa V3


Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony was the conclusion of 2017 Danganronpa, the iconic crime series that dominated the visual novel genre in the 2010s. It follows the build of the previous two episodes and sees you waking up in a high school with a handful of classmates with no memory of what happened to get you there. And the only way out is to murder each other.

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Of course, many of the questions we’ve asked ourselves throughout this game can be answered in the final chapter, which somehow leaves room for no questions while still leaving room for a million. A lot of what you’re wondering after you finish the game depends on how you felt about the ending – some fans find it was a wonderful connection that turned the established world upside down, while others did felt mocked to enjoy a series.

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it’s natural for some questions to arise at the end of a long game that capped an even longer streak. These are a few questions we had after solving these puzzles and escaping back to the real world.

This article contains spoilers for Danganronpa V3


9 Why are these kids so willing to be in the dark together?

With a game as darkly themed as Danganronpa, it should come as no surprise that the graphics can also be dark. But even though these kids know they’re in a murder game, they’re almost too willing to be together when they can’t see.

There are so many instances where they all somehow trust each other enough to hang out in the dark, often resulting in one of them getting murdered. Though unfamiliar with Danganronpa’s bloody tendencies, the children know they are all destined to kill one another. We would simply choose not to hang out in pitch blackness in this scenario.

8th What’s wrong with this one floor?

A lot happened in the third chapter. When the fourth floor of the school opened up after Kirumi’s execution, we were excited to explore, but we couldn’t anticipate what awaited us up there.

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The halls are damp and poorly lit, the floorboards are unstable in places, there are no windows, statues in varying states of disrepair dot part of the hall, and it only gets creepier the further you explore. Shuichi describes it as a “scary atmosphere” upon arrival, which feels like an understatement. It doesn’t help that two of the weirdest students, Korekiyo and Angie, have their private studios on this floor.

7 How reliable are the flashbacks before reprogramming?

A key cornerstone of the Danganronpa series is seeing how careful and purposeful the game’s deception can be. And how many of the cast’s memories have been erased, encrypted or implanted, how much of what we’ve been told can we really trust?

We let the range of emotions slide, thinking these children were being hunted or being protected or in a deep sleep or the only people alive. And we know that her memories of auditioning for Danganronpa have been erased, as have the fictional memories of the Gofer project. When we see “who they were before,” how much of that are they actually? Did Kaede really have no hope for humanity? Was Shuichi really a super fan plotting grizzly murders?

6 What was wrong with Korekiyo and his sister?

It is made clear that many of the memories the children have of the events of V3 and their lives before that are part of the story’s script, but to what extent was Korekiyo’s backstory made up? During his trial, we learn that he had an older sister whom he loved very much – a little to expensive.

Is his sister even real? And if so, is she really dead? He seems to be using her mind, capable of becoming her in a way, but knowing what we’re doing with the false memories because of the reality show, we can’t tell how real the relationship was.

5 Why are the flashback lights used for a killing game?

The Flashback Lights were a brand new element in the series introduced in V3 and shining one in your face is enough to bring back a long lost memory. We were told early on that this was to help the kids regain their pre-school memories, but we learn towards the end that the lights got their fake personas for the game in the first place.

Why the hell did the people who invented them use them for this purpose? There’s so much good that could be done with such a powerful tool, but they decided to use it on a grizzly reality show where teenagers kill each other.

4 How many clues did we miss along the way?

Usually, you’re having the most fun with Danganronpa when you’re unaware of any plot points – it just makes the burden of solving the puzzle all the more shocking. And part of the fun of Danganronpa is wondering exactly what you missed along the way that might point to the answer you eventually found.

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The games span dozens of hours, but they’re worth repeating if you just take note of all the things you never realized that give impetus to what’s actually happening. It’s amazing the details that emerge when reliving the story a second time after beating the game.

3 Did Tsumugi really lose control or was it a script?

We have a a lot of of questions about Tsumugi, actually. While her memories (her memories at least according to her) and talent were almost certainly fictional, she appears to have incorporated some elements of her “real” personality into her Tsumugi role. She claimed to be a member of Team Danganronpa, the production company behind the hit Danganronpa reality show, but how much of this twist was real anyway?

As she started cracking as we neared the end and her writing role for Danganronpa slipped, how much of it did her mask eventually drop and how much was part of the script? Has she ever really been part of Team Danganronpa, or is it another layer of lies? When she reveals how unreliable the events of the show were, she becomes unreliable herself as well.

2 What was so impressive about Shuichi’s speech?

The remaining classmates are horrified in the final chapter to learn that Danganronpa is a fictional world created by a team of television producers to serve as a cruel reality show for the bored and greedy masses. The final negotiation is concluded by the white noise of their opinions flooding the negotiation room as you try to come to terms with what is happening.

As we learn, the game has been running for 53 seasons (hence V3 – V is the Roman numeral for five). So what was it about Shuichi’s speech that made the collective public realize that this was somehow screwed up? No one has ever acknowledged or questioned human rights violations before?

1 Is the game canon at all?

Spike Chunsoft, the developers of the series said that Danganronpa ended after the anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School ended. Returning to ultimate despair once again, we wrap up a story that takes place both before the first Danganronpa and long after, and brings the Hope’s Peak story to a beautiful conclusion.

So where does V3 fall? Did the first two games actually take place and the TV show is a way to cover it up? Or was it really games, like in our world, that expanded into a multimedia empire? Series creator Kazutaka Kodaka urged fans to go back and replay the prologue for clues, but the internet concludes that V3 is canon in its own right. It’s a completely different timeline than the original games and is meant to be a “what if” situation as to whether the games were spoofed.

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