Rep. Jim Banks looks to 2022 and reviews 2021



FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – “I have a good feeling that Republicans will win back a majority in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections.”

This is the view of the Third District Congressman Jim Banks, R-Indiana. On Friday, he sat down with WANE 15 to preview 2022 and look back at 2021.

“This year, I will focus on helping Republicans across the country win their races and do everything in our power to win back the majority so we can save the country from the agenda of the left.”

Banks now has half of his chairmanship in the Republican Study Committee, the conservative faction in the house. He encouraged members to “lean” into the culture war. “It’s the pro-family and pro-life issues that I tackled six years ago when I was chosen for this job.”

Banks cited the end of critical racial theory training in public schools, though PBS reports real examples of indoctrinated students are hard to find. Banks want them to be hard to find. “I think we need to stop the critical racial theory that is teaching our children that America is inherently racist or evil. It doesn’t belong in our schools. I hope we will pass a law, when we get the majority back, that will prevent any US taxpayer from going to a school in America that teaches our children to hate America.

The banks also want to return the Hyde addition, which prevents US taxpayers from funding abortions, in bills in the House of Representatives. “I am leading the fight to maintain this protection, and we will continue to do so when we get the majority back.”

In October, Banks’ official Twitter account was banned after deliberately giving a senior transgender officer the wrong gender. Banks deleted the tweet but did not apologize for its contents.

“I’ve learned a lot that these big tech companies have too much control. What I tweeted was an absolute 100 percent fact. “

Banks discussed the current controversy on the University of Pennsylvaniawhere some parents are upset because a trans swimmer dominates women’s swimming events.

“This is a debate that is going on in America. And if we can’t have this debate on social media, the public space, then these big tech companies are censoring and preventing a public debate from taking place. If I can go to the House of Representatives plenary and speak at the House fountain and say something, I should be able to say the same (the same thing) on ​​an online platform. ”

Banks also spoke about his 2021 trip to the U.S. border with Mexico, which he believes is completely different under President Joe Biden.

“When Biden became president, he immediately stopped the construction of the wall and reversed the very effective Trump policy of ‘staying in Mexico’ which was chilling.”

Banks says it’s more than just people crossing the border illegally; It is also a large amount of illegal drugs. “Our border guards tell us in Congress that they don’t have the capacity to do anything about it because all of their resources are being pushed elsewhere by the Biden administration.

“Every sheriff or judge I’ve spoken to in the 12 wards of the Third Ward tells me this (drug situation) is the worst they’ve ever seen, and it’s getting worse.”

Next week on WANE 15 and, we’ll be sharing Rep. Bank’s thoughts on the January 6th storm of the U.S. Capitol and the Committee of Inquiry.



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