Resident Evil 4 Remake: Fans are discovering potential connections to Resident Evil Village


Resident Evil 4 Remake was only revealed during yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play, but fans have already dissected the trailer and found potential connections to Resident Evil Village.

Perhaps the most obvious connection between the two games was discovered by kaijumediajames on Reddit (below), which showed the similarities between a carving in the new trailer and the iconic symbol of Village’s mother Miranda.

The following paragraphs contain minor spoilers for Resident Evil Village.

The two images are definitely similar, and given that Resident Evil 4 is set more than 20 years before Village, and thus before the death of antagonist Mother Miranda, it’s definitely possible that Capcom could tie the two games together (especially since we know they are “reinterpretation” of the story of the remake).

Further connections were noted by lejitness on Reddit, who compared an image of the (probable) antagonist Saddler in the trailer to one of Mother Miranda’s forms from Village (below). Interestingly, this scene appeared right after the cult icon appeared on the screen.

The post also points out that Plagas – the parasites that turn villagers evil in Resident Evil 4 – are also quite similar in concept to Village’s Caduo, another parasite that Mother Miranda researches and infects her own villagers with while she tries to revive her daughter.

It’s never clearly explained how Saddler found out about the Plagas in the original village, so the fan theory from the Reddit post is that while Mother Miranda was researching parasites in Europe, it brought the species to Saddler’s attention and thereby the events triggered by Resident Evil 4.

Used as a connecting point for several pieces of Resident Evil lore, Village essentially explained the origins of Umbrella and the story that sparked the entire franchise. The Duke from Village also refers to Resident Evil 4’s merchant as his old friend.

Fans will just have to wait and see if these theories turn out to be correct, but they have plenty of time to speculate further as the remake is unlikely to be released before March 24th, 2023.

We don’t know much more about the game right now, other than that Leon’s jacket is an actual thing you can buy for $1,500. However, we got other Resident Evil news at PlayStation State of Play when VR support was announced for Village.

For more on this and anything else announced during the showcase, see IGN’s event recap.

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