RPGs are out this week, 6/14/21


How is E3 going so far? If i’m honest i feel like that Xbox & Bethesda presentation is by far the strongest so far. Not a lot in there that we cover here at RPGFan, but the Phil Spencer house wisely chose to minimize the discussion points and let the games speak for themselves. And did you see the trailer for? The outer worlds 2? Never in my life have I been so satisfied with nothing on my plate but crumbs.

I don’t want to belittle too much so let’s just say that Square Enix presents Event didn’t do much to get me excited. I admittedly knew Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin a bit in advance, but I mistakenly assumed that this upcoming “Soulslike” would have an entirely different aesthetic. As for that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series, i like what i see! Mind you, I need a magnifying glass to see a lot and I hope the games make the leap from Steam and mobile devices to the home console sooner rather than later. But still exciting!

But there aren’t enough RPGs coming this week. That’s not the name of this column. I am happy because if it were, my work would never be over.

Wildermyth – June 15 (Windows)

Congratulations, Worldwalker Games LLC! Your brilliant role play, Poacher myth, is finally out of Early Access after two and a half years. As I’ve seen, the long test phase has paid off. This is a game where decisions are important. We say this a lot, but there are only so many hardcore strategy RPGs that will make your protagonists fall in love, get married and die of old age while an epic fantasy war rages on and on. Neither are these stock protagonists; They are farmers who have become soldiers, reluctant at first but fully committed as the world changes around them. It is a little Dungeons that the characters are destined to pass on, prompting players to create successors. But here’s the cool part – over time, your favorite heroes will become legends who deserve their own place in divine pantheons. When it comes to remembering, we really can’t ask for much more, can we?

In 7 years – June 17th (Switch, Windows)

A character asks Haruto if it's been seven or eight years or not, though the answer seems obvious in 7 Years From Now.  The visuals are 3D pixels.

So as not to untangle the sense of the mystery here, character whose name is currently a mystery in and of itself, but I am guess it was seven years ago, not eight.

Let me officially introduce this to you In 7 years, formerly a mobile-exclusive story-driven piece of life Title to be released on Switch and Windows on June 17th. Despite its distinctive (read: Minecraft) Art style and strong word of mouth‘I’ve never really heard much about the game before. This probably says less about the game itself and more about how little time I spend browsing mobile game stores. But hey, at least it’s easier for me than In 7 years‘s main character. Poor Haruto Soraki is looking for childhood memories that he lost in an accident a few years ago. That number is seven, therefore In 7 years is an indication that seven years have passed since the accident. It’s like poetry; it rhymes.

Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI – June 17 (Switch, Windows)

The brown-haired heroine of Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI makes an OwO face, which means that she is fascinated by the white paper cards that the blue-haired man is holding up.  Both wear yukatas.

I can hear you. “OwO”, ask yourself – “what is that?” Like the heroine Suzuka herself, who can be seen in the screenshot above, OwO-ing the antics of a potential love interest, are you at a loss as to why? Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI looks like an anime from the 1990s and insists on capitalizing his last word like he’s yelling at us. I can’t help you with the latter. I can tell you that Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI looks what it looks like because this classic otome game dates back to 2004 but has been buffed for 2021. Released for the PS2 in Japan and ported to the Nintendo DS four years later, Western audiences can finally enjoy the game of a woman’s Quest for Shinesengumi, who is only for men and fights alongside seasoned soldiers Casablanca-ing himself in the arms of handsome, long-haired fellows. You love to see it.

(Editor’s note: Imagine a British girl sitting at her desk trying to make the OwO sound out loud in her apartment. Go ahead, make yourself laugh today and try it yourself.)

Cross the Moon – June 18 (Switch)

Haunting text on a black, starry background in Cross the Moon.

Well, now I just feel threatened.

Cross the moon launched on Steam on July 29, 2020 what i want to say was like … a tenth of the way into 2020? Maybe a ninth? Anyway, it must have been years. And while the game doesn’t seem to have made a big splash yet, the few people whose opinions I have found on this cosmic horror visual novel all seem to please with its quality. It is possible that the moon itself threatened them to act positively, but I want to believe their opinions are real. You’re looking at roughly 100,000 words of text when you pick up on that fresh switch port, but more impressive still, over 1,000 photos, each doing their part to bring Cross the Moon to life. Whether you should get it or not, let me ask you a few guiding questions. Do you like vampires Do you tickle the terms “occult obsession” and “corporate corruption”? Finally, there are five dollars left waiting to be spent? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, boy, do I have a moon for you?

I can’t control when you will read this, but if it’s before Nintendo’s E3 Direct on Tuesday at 12 p.m. EST then just know I’m hoping for a blast to fix my somewhat tepid reception for this year shows. If it after this Nintendo’s E3 Direct, uh, I hope we both enjoyed it?

Before we wrap up this week, I would like to briefly mention that if you are feeling a little let down by the E3, in all seriousness, remember the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic – which is still very important! – will be felt in this branch for a long time to come. Perhaps some of the games we’re most looking forward to won’t be in our hands that long. Well worth it if it means developers won’t die at their desks.

OK. Adult moment over. Nintendo, give me one Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer and I’ll give you my firstborn son.


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