Saints Row (2022): How to Find Alien Monoliths, Golden Dump Trucks and More | All the Easter Eggs We’ve Found (So Far)


Stay foreign, Santo Ileso.

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Santo Ileso is a strange place. This is only natural because it is the framework for another Saints Row. The latest is a reboot of the franchise but retains some of the weirdest details – wacky vehicles, bizarre references hidden throughout the game world, and recurring icons from the developer Willing past. There’s an abundance of Easter eggs in this game, and we’ll try to document all of the weirdest things we’ve found. If you thought an alien monolith wasn’t enough, how about it two Alien monoliths?

To quickly browse through the Easter eggs, check out these table of contents above and jump to any title that interests you. We may have overdone it with our analysis of the Red Faction Easter Egg – there’s a lot to learn in this alternate reality timeline!

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The golden dumper | easter egg

One of the strangest vehicles you can unlock is the gold tipper — and you’ll get it for dumpster diving. There are four dumpster locations that you need to “dive” into to get the parts. Get all four pieces and you have a solid golden garbage truck to drive around the city. Not exactly our idea of ​​a cool vehicle, but it easily crushes other cars. Check out the locations below to unlock it yourself.

Alien Monolith | easter egg

Ever wanted to visit an alien monolith? Now you can! The monolith is on an empty square in Wasteland South – Just check the map location screenshot to find it yourself. The monolith is a black metal obelisk surrounded by four floating rocks. Look behind it and you’ll find some cryptic graffiti and an inflatable sex doll. This thing must be a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey – An alien monolith appeared in the film that caused the apes to evolve. Seems the people of Badlands South are a lot less impressed with this alien artifact.

And there’s a second alien monolith in the middle of nowhere at the edge of the map in the Wasteland South Area. what is this thing Is that from evangelion? Someone help us here! Look at the location on the map and see for yourself.

Cabbit storage | easter egg

Located in the northwest Old Town Eastfind one huge calf Doll in one of the rental storage rooms. The Cabbit is a recurring Easter egg in the Saints Row series, first published in Saint row 2 — The cabbit was an unmistakable enemy of the developer Volition, Inc early console roleplaying game The Summoner. The giant Cabbit doll doesn’t really do anything, but it’s a fond reminder of simpler times when all we needed to be happy was a jerky western RPG on the PS2.

Citizens react to your emotes | easter egg

A tiny Easter egg that’s incredibly easy to miss. If you use certain emotes on citizens while walking around, they’ll react in different ways – we’ve seen them cheer after giving a thumbs up and boo when we share a lewd gesture. Give them a try – not all seem to work, but do enough that we’re throwing this out as a fun mini Easter egg.

Sidewinder Creek narrator unleashed | easter egg

Set in Sidewinder Creek, one of the Hidden History sites in northwestern Rojas Desert North, the typical boring narration has a fun little twist – the narrator reveals he’s about to be fired, so he walks out with a bang. He laments working for the park service for 20 years, talks about dirty deals in the area and threatens to blackmail anyone if they get rid of him – he knows where the bodies are buried. Check out the location highlighted in the screenshot above to hear the full tirade.

Red Faction Uprising | easter egg

That Red Faction The Easter egg actually starts in Schmelzerville WestIn the Frank’s 80/20 Brewery – one of the several locations of hidden history. When we find the place and listen to the narrator, we don’t learn anything about the real thing Red Faction Uprisingbut we will learn that it happened, and that Ultor was involved!

That Ultor Corporation are the villains of the mining company you (briefly) work for in the original Red Faction – and later the company becomes the main antagonist in Saint row 2.

  • Out of Frank’s 80/20 Brewerywe will learn that the Ultor Corporation bought the local mining company in the 1990s.
    • Ultor upgraded the mining facility with a nanotech lab and a orbital laser defense system. Sounds like you!
    • That The Red Faction rebelled in 2001 — the same year the Red faction Video game released on PS2.

So what’s up with the Red Faction? Why did it happen in the story of Saint’s Row (2022)? In the original game, the miners were treated like slave laborers on the planet Mars, forcing the workers to unite and fight against the totalitarian corporation.

The rest of the story can be found below Red Faction Memorial Park in Marina West. There is even a brewery here Fist logo of the Red Faction! So let’s break down exactly what happened in this story.

  • In this backstory, miners work for the Ultor Corporation went on strike to end inhumane working conditions and human experiments (?!) — Details from the original game! Except this one is on Earth instead of Mars.
  • The date of the Red Faction uprising was March 22, 2001 – the day the original game was released.
  • As in the story, an elite force of mercenaries was dispatched to put down the Red Faction uprising – and the ensuing massacre led to the company going bankrupt, selling the mining operation and ending its Mars launch plans.

This is quite a deep cut for fans of the series, and it’s always exciting to see more Red faction News – the developers are fully up to date Saints Row train, but maybe we’ll see more for Red Faction in the future? After the great Red Faction: Guerrillawe are hungry for more destruction.

This game is packed with jokes – but we’re just targeting the real Easter Eggs. Secrets and special hidden objects that you can easily miss and that may not make sense in the logic of the game world. Those are the fun details we’ve found so far. There are many more, so check back soon to see what else we find.


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