Sarah Ruhl’s ‘Eurydice’ is presented at the Theater at Monmouth


“Eurydike” by Sarah Ruhl opens as part of the “It’s Greek (and Roman) to ME!” series. The season begins at 7:30pm on Thursday 28 July and runs through Friday 19 August at the Theater at Monmouth. photo submitted

“Eurydike” by Sarah Ruhl opens as part of the “It’s Greek (and Roman) to ME!” series. The season begins at 7:30pm on Thursday 28 July and runs through Friday 19 August at the Theater at Monmouth. “Eurydice” is a retelling of the classic myth about the fated lovers Orpheus and Eurydice. On her wedding day, Eurydice is the victim of a tragic accident that plunges her into the underworld, erasing her memory and reuniting her with her long-dead father. When Orpheus arrives to save his bride, Eurydice is torn between her desire to return to the real world and the tender relationship she rediscovers with her father in the afterlife.

Though the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is often dismissed as simply tragedy, director Dawn McAndrews describes Ruhl’s Eurydice as “a silent symphony of love, loss, memory and stillness.” But it’s not all sad. McAndrews says, “It’s also whimsical and surreal with a nod to Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Emotion is heightened, fleeting, childlike, and profound.” McAndrews also explains that “Eurydice is a passive victim in the classic versions of the story. In Ovid’s version of the story she does not speak at all, and in Virgil’s poem she only says a few words after Orpheus has already looked at her.” In the hands of Sarah Ruhl, Eurydice is given both “a voice and an election”.

Eurydice stars AJ Baldwin as Big Stone, Thomas Ian Campbell as Orpheus, Trezure Coles as Lord of the Underworld, Rebecca Ho as Little Stone, Amber McNew as Loud Stone, Jamie Saunders as Eurydice, and Michael Dix Thomas as the father. directed by Dawn McAndrews; set design Dan Bilodeau; lighting design by SeifAllah Salotto-Cristobal; costume design by Michelle Handley; sound design by Rew Tippin; and Combat, Intimacy, and Direction of Movement by Lorraine Slone. stage management by Ingrid Pierson; Assistant Stage Management to Sophie Harrington; and Props Supervision by Paige Stone.

Performance dates are August 6th, August 11th, August 17th, August 19th. at 7:30 p.m.; 14.8 at 7 p.m.; 03.08., 07.08., 13.08. at 1:00 p.m. After the performance on Sunday, August 14th, there will be a follow-up discussion.

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