Smart replies are finally arriving on Android Auto


(Pocket-lint) – Back in December, Google announced that Smart Replies would soon be coming to Android Auto. It may have taken a little longer than expected, but it seems the feature is rolling out now.

Several users have reported that the feature is coming this week. So if you’re looking forward to using them, you shouldn’t have to wait long.

If you’re unfamiliar, Smart Reply lets you reply to a message with a single tap, offering a few suggested replies to choose from.

You may have noticed that Smart Reply suggestions appear in your Gmail app or in Google Chat on your phone, but in a car you would imagine they would be far more useful.

With the update to Android Auto, when you receive a notification and tap the notification to have Google read it out loud, you’ll see a few brief replies on the screen.

Tapping a reply sends the reply through the associated messaging app and clears the notification. You can also send a reply using voice commands or create a custom reply using another button.

Unfortunately at the moment the answers are a bit rudimentary and a very similar experience to Gmail on your phone.

Of course, they are useful from time to time, but sometimes suggestions border on nonsense. We hope that Google will use its AI intelligence to further improve the suggestions as the feature matures.

Written by Luke Baker.


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