Spotify Greenroom Live Audio App launches today on iOS and Android


Photo credit: Spotify

Spotify’s clubhouse clone app called Greenroom is released today for iOS and Android.

The live audio app marks Spotify’s first foray into creating a social media platform. The app allows users to create rooms and have live conversations about music, sports, culture and other conversations. Spotify isn’t rolling out the red carpet for this new feature either; it starts quietly.

Instead, Spotify encourages people to sign up for the app to see how they want to use it. According to a report by The Verge, some of its core functionality could eventually be added to the Spotify app. Greenroom is basically an open public beta encouraging Spotify users to explore.

Greenroom is based on Locker Room, which Spotify acquired in March. This app focused solely on providing a place to talk shop for sports fans – but Greenroom is expanding this wheelhouse. The app has a green and black color scheme reminiscent of Spotify. It also includes the ability for hosts to record their shows and distribute them as podcasts.

While there is no integration with Anchor, it could be assumed that it will come in the future. Spotify reportedly paid $ 154 million for Anchor in February 2019. The podcast creation tool lags behind the competition, and a report suggests that Spotify subsidizes most of the podcasts on the platform. Encouraging Greenroom hosts to use Anchor to distribute podcasts can help bolster those poor stats.

Users can log into Greenroom with their Spotify login, although it is not required.

The registration process allows users to choose their interests from a wide variety of topics. Spotify is also announcing a Greenroom Creator Fund, although the details are not specified. People who use the app are paid based on the popularity of their rooms and engagement in them.

Exclusive deals with Creatorn are also in the works, with announcements expected to be made over the course of the summer. It’s not clear how much money Spotify is spending to lure creators away from Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. If you’re interested in hosting a space on Spotify Greenroom, please find more information about the Creator Fund here.

Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Discord have all started developing social audio products. It’s a category that largely didn’t exist before Clubhouse launched in March 2020. It has inspired a whole generation of clubhouse clones.


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