Squid Game: What Could Season 2 Look Like?



this Squid game Item contains IMPORTANT spoilers.

Squid game is one of the best original series to hit Netflix in a long time. The story of a deadly competition in which 456 people try to win 45.6 billion ($ 39 million) in a series of children’s games, the class parable is as devastating as it is addicting and, should it go well, passes Possibility that Netflix could launch another season of the Korean drama. While there hasn’t been an official word yet on whether a second season will happen, given Netflix’s growing presence and investment in Korea – especially given the possible ongoing story setups that were teased in Season 1 – that’s a definite possibility. Here are a few instructions a Squid game Season 2 could go …

Squid Game Season 2: International Edition

In Episode 7, “VIPs,” we learn that the game we watched isn’t the only one of its kind. One of the men who personally follows the competition mentions that the game in Korea is the best this year, which means the games are all over the world. If Netflix wanted to produce another season of Squid game, an interesting angle would be to take us to an octopus game in another country. Season 1 is a Korean production through and through, the storytelling of which is based on the culture of the country. If the show’s creator was ready, it might be interesting to apply the same framework of criticism of modern capitalism to another country and culture to tell the story in a new but interlocking way.

Squid Game Season 2: The Period Piece

From Hwang Joon-ho’s research on the Squid Game, we know that the worldwide gambling ring has existed for decades – at least back to 1988 in a different country, but in the past. if Squid gameThe underlying aim is a critique of the system we all live in, what would that look like at an earlier point in our history? And how could Oh Il-nam, who turned out to be one of the masterminds behind the game, come into play?



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