Students of the Master of Architecture Science deal with decarbonization in a new pilot program



Master’s student Ella Xuemin Zhou

Ella Xuemin Zhou was a partner of Gymnast during the program. With this experience in hand, Ella has gained a more holistic understanding of the challenge of decarbonization and is better prepared for complicated challenges outside of the classroom.

“In a real project, we need to think more carefully about the accuracy of the result. We also had to consider the importance of efficiency in terms of time, energy and budget, ”she says.

“Participating in the program helped me understand the current situation in the industry and future design trends.”

The collaboration with Architects Declare Australia was led by Dr. Daniel Ryan, Head of the Master of Architecture Science program.

“Climate change is such a pressing issue and the construction industry needs to change quickly,” he says.

“It’s great to see our students play a leading role in this transition.”

Participating students and architecture firms were:

Shilei Chen – architecture
Camille Gaven – Scott Carver
Barbara Silva Messer – HDR
Natalia Saavedra Toro – Fitzpatrick + Partner
Ella Xuemin Zhou- Gymnast



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