“Supernatural” vs. “Fringe”: Who Wins?



Who would win in a competition between? Supernatural and Edge area? We examine 10 aspects of each show to see which one will win in the new TV rivalry on Friday night.

# 22 Supernatural vs. Fringe

On this week’s TCA press tour, Fox network manager Kevin Reilly claimed that his network’s show, Fringe, would have no problem holding its own against The CW’s Supernatural. As Reilly put it, “Even in the genre [Supernatural] is not a rating powerhouse. “Strong words. But how would the two shows compete against each other?

Supernatural vs. fringed

# 21 Hunky Heartthrobs

Supernatural has the unnaturally hot Winchester brothers. Fringe has Pacey. No lack of sharpness in either program.

Hunky Heartthrobs

# 20 Winner: Supernatural

Joshua Jackson’s Peter may be all kinds of emotional delights, but there are two scorching heroes on Supernatural. With the same quality, the quantity wins.

Winner: Supernatural

# 19 Wise elders

Bobby Singer has many books, fat guns, and an impressive number of phone lines devoted to criminal activity. Despite his rugged nature, he’s the toughest, kindest father figure the Winchester boys can hope for. Walter Bishop has a full-fledged mad scientist lab outfitted with mind-altering drugs, computers, medical equipment, and a cow. He’s also pretty insane and often does more to do milkshakes than save the day.

Wise elders

# 18 winner: fringes

While Bobby can kill you with little effort, Walter can bring you back! He wins.

Winner: fringes

# 17 The ladies

As wonderful as Supernatural is, the show doesn’t do female characters so well. Meg and Ruby were slightly interesting villains. Ellen and Jo were decent allies. Lisa was pretty cool. But can any of these women hold a candle to Fringes Olivia Dunham? Or even Astrid?

The ladies

# 16 winner: fringes

Olivia is probably the coolest woman on TV right now. Nobody else has a chance.

Winner: fringes

# 15 Malefactors

Do you remember “The Pattern” on Fringe? The show doesn’t seem to either. But that was about as decidedly nasty as the show got it going. The current arch villains are just doppelgangers of the heroes themselves. Creepy, yes. But not as bad as one could wish. It’s a different story over at Supernatural. In addition to monsters, demons and vengeful gods, the Winchesters had to face Satan themselves. That is serious.


# 14 Winner: Supernatural

While the greatest enemy you could ever face is yourself, monsters make for better television. And again, Supernatural has the devil.

Winner: Supernatural

# 13 Unemotional guys

When he’s not having a seemingly endless fight in heaven, Castiel always takes the time to snoop around with Sam and (especially) Dean. He misses the jokes, seldom smiles, and is generally confused by the lighter side of humanity. But Castiel always wants to help. On Fringe, the observer usually does just that: Observe. When he’s not eating spicy food and taking notes, the man is just watching. Occasionally it saves someone’s life, but you get the feeling that there are some nefarious aspects to it.

Unemotional types

# 12 Winner: Supernatural

Castiel is much cooler.

Winner: Supernatural

# 11 End of the world events

Sam and Dean recently averted the apocalypse. Armageddon itself. The combined forces of heaven and hell came to earth and lost to the Winchesters and their car. Meanwhile, Fringe has grappled with an entire alternate universe that has declared war on ourselves. And the other guys have better weapons.

Events with the end of the world

# 10 winner: supernatural

Fringe might build some competition if the battle between the universes ever hits a boiling point, but for now, Supernatural’s actual Armageddon is winning.

Winner: Supernatural

# 9 Things that make you puke

Both Supernatural and Fringe specialize in the gross and disturbing. Monsters eat people, bloody events happen, and science goes terribly wrong. It is never safe to eat while watching any of the programs.

Things that make you puke

# 8 winner: fringes

Supernatural definitely has its awesome moments. But Fringe has made a habit of starting practically every episode with a scene so grotesque that you wonder why you ever wanted to see the show in the first place. So Fringe wins.

Winner: fringes

# 7 Cool toys

Fringe has an endless supply of technology-filled gadgets that can do everything from playing music to holes in reality. Unfortunately, they all look the same. Supernatural is clearly less technical. The toys tend to have a rich arsenal of weapons – weapons like that! There is also the Impala.

Cool toy

# 6 Winner: Supernatural

Their toys might not be that flashy, but Supernatural’s guns have a coolness factor that no high-tech device can match. You don’t need computers and flashing lights when guns and salt are enough.

Winner: Supernatural

# 5 Alternative universes

Fringe and Supernatural have both played around with the idea of ​​alternate universes. On Supernatural, the Winchester brothers visited alternate universes to get a glimpse into their lives. Then they return to reality. On Fringe, on the other hand, the alternate universe is a reality. It is just as real as our universe. And going back and forth, although unhealthy, doesn’t change much. Both universes still exist.

Alternative universes

# 4 winner: fringes

It’s not just a glimpse of “what could have been”: Fringe’s alternate universe is a real, encompassing, coexisting world that has as much to offer as our own.

Winner: fringes

# 3 fate

Even before he was born, Sam was chosen for shameful reasons that came to light as he grew up. And then both Sam and Dean turned out to be “vessels” for the leaders of the opposing forces in Armageddon: Lucifer and the Archangel Michael. The fate of the Fringe characters is a bit vague. Olivia is said to be a soldier who fights against the other universe. And there is a picture of Peter that shows how he destroys worlds. If we ever find out, it could get pretty big.


# 2 winner: supernatural

Without fate, Sam and Dean would just be violent guys with problems. Fate makes them heroes. Besides, if you want to deal with fate, you have to spell it for us.

Winner: Supernatural

# 1 overall winner: Supernatural

It’s close, but Supernatural seems to have what it takes to beat challenger Fringe. Now all we have to do is see if the ratings match or differ.

Overall winner: Supernatural



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