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Sin thought you should play Wildermyth. In fact, she insisted that you play the storytelling tactical role-playing game. In fact, quite bluntly. “Play Wildermyth, you cowards,” she said. The big catch is you play procedurally generated adventurers who develop into proper little paper people as their lives change and stories grow along the way. You’re not a coward, I know, but maybe you didn’t feel like buying it in Early Access? Good news: Wildermyth has released version 1.0 as of today and officially launched. Check it out in the launch trailer below.

Wildermyth always begins with a group of farmers taking up arms against monsters and then spiraling out from their random personalities, the course of your adventures and your decisions. While your band will get more powerful, they will also age and build relationships, fall in love and grow as people and suffer tragedy.

I just want to point out the names of party members Borglin Stack and Soria Gore.

“Most of these decisions will have consequences. Everyone will breathe life into your story, ”Sin explained elsewhere. “And a lot of them will contextualize and directly alter the battles you fight and the way you fight them. Battles are short and small and use the pretty standard XCOM-esque two-action system, but themselves the most colorful life is fragile and could end in a hit or two. Even death is often your choice – should a character lose all of their hit points, you can sacrifice their limbs instead or let them die to protect their friends, and everyone give others an armor bonus for the remainder of the fight. You might surprise yourself by killing a favorite because it feels like they’d love to die taking a big scary monster with them. On paper, two warriors may be alike , but every time you play Wildermyth, those paper cutouts sliding around on the board become way more than a class or set of statistic en. “

It sounds good doesn’t it. I mean, obviously I know because I was definitely playing Wildermyth instead of just Binding Of Isaac. But you, you might find this tempting.

The crafting system in a Wildermyth screenshot.

Sedidia looks great here. A veterans party, no doubt about it.

Today’s Version 1.0 update has brought something new, including new skill upgrades, a new five-chapter story campaign, a revision of the “generic campaign events” to be more interesting, more decisions about the life and death of mortals, new final Moment events for the hero die, achievements, and various tweaks and fixes detailed in the patch notes.

Worldwaker Games’ developers add that leaving Early Access “doesn’t mean we’re all done, but it does mean that we think it’s a full game and we won’t be making big changes to the structure.”

Wildermyth is available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A 20% starting discount brings it to £ 16 / € 17 / $ 20 through Tuesday 22nd.

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